Fraud orders frequently appear, and Amazon sellers share their handling experience


Author:Li Kai
Source: ennews

Recently, Xiaobian learned on Amazon's official seller forum that a seller solved the problem of order fraud through his own way and shared his handling experience.


sellerelectronics reseller said that because of its large order amount, it was targeted by fraud gangs. After placing an order, the fraud gang asked electronics reseller to send the goods through FedEx, but disregarded the signature requirements, redirected the FedEx package to another address in some way, and submitted the claims that were not received before the deadline. The seller stopped shipping FedEx packages when he realized it was a fraud, and asked the fraud gang to remove expensive internal components from the system and return them.


Later,Electronics reseller shared his experience in handling fraudulent orders:


1. Orders need to be signed by adults before delivery


2. The seller needs to accurately record all serial numbers


3. Almost onlyUPS delivers packages because they seem to be the most reliable carrier option


4. Take the following still photos and save them as vouchers

① Products before packaging

② To ship the product in the box, open the box to display the unit of quantity

③ Closed shipping case with shipping label


Electronics reseller successfully avoided attacks by fraud gangs through practical operations, and a large number of sellers also expressed their opinions on responding to fraudulent orders in the forum.


sellerA: The seller can link his UPS account to Amazon so that the seller can ship through Amazon. This way can provide additional protection for AZ claims (mainly INR). AZ protection will take effect if the seller delivers the goods on time. However, it is worth noting that if the seller connects the UPS account to Amazon, the seller needs to pay an additional rate.


sellerB: I think high-value products need direct signature of the consignee. We have been declared by AZ that the signature is forged, so we switch all high-value products to DIRECT SIGNATUREIt completely solves the problem of certificate missing caused by signature.


sellerC: It sounds like you have taken good measures, but you didn't mention recording the serial number on the packing list. If you haven't already done so, I suggest including the serial number on the invoice or packing list, which is better printed on the label, or at least a manually filled digital seal. For honest buyers, this can be used to save information; For fraud gangs, this is also a kind of warning - remind them that you have a serial number record as evidence.

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