Not only the freight, but also the inventory cost in the United States will rise?


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

While consumers and sellers are worried about the shortage of goods during the holiday shopping season, American warehouses are also in short supply.


along withThe arrival of a series of online shopping festivals, and logistics across the United StatesThe vacancy rate of the distribution center hit a record low, and the warehousetradeThere is a shortage. According to commercial real estate service companyJLL data, existing industrial spaceClose in96% are in use.In areas near ports such as Southern California, the vacancy rate of warehouses is only1% or less.JLL estimates that by 2025, the United States may need an additional 1 billion square feetNearly 100 million square meters)To meet the demand.


WarehouserentalsoAt the highest level in historyU.S.AofIn some hot markets, rents have soared by more than30%。At the same time, warehouseThe pre lease rate soared,not a fewThe warehouse was built before the construction was completedMenstrual quiltRental.


according toReal Estate Investment and Service CompanyCBRE's data,stayDuring 2020, North America has nearly 190 million square feet of storage space under construction,Among them,exceed43% of the buildings are pre leased."In some cases, the lease volume is almost three times the annual construction volume," JLL Americas executiveexpress


Logistics facility providerChris Caton, General Manager, Global Strategy and Analysis, Prologiscall"The whole industry will sell out next year."


This demand is driven bytoElectronic CommerceCaused by the rapid development ofCompared with the traditional retail industry, e-commerce operation requires more storage space,The space occupied by e-commerce and logistics is three times that of physical retail. CBRE estimates that every increase in online salesOne billion dollars means an additional 1 million square feet of warehouse space.


At the same time, e-commerce consumers want faster distribution speed, which also allows e-commerce operators to invest in building more warehouses. in order toMitigate the impact of future supply chain shocks, such asepidemic situationResultingSupply chain terminalRetailers are also striving for morestoragespaceGuaranteed inventory


Correspondingly to the rapidly growing demand, due to the influence of the supply chain, the delayed delivery of building materials required for warehouse construction hindered the construction of the warehouse, and the construction speed of the warehouse could not keep up with the rapid development of e-commerce.According to the new forecast, the already strained warehouse capacity will face further pressure, andIt is unlikely to weaken before 2023.


UPS CEO predicts that enterprises will spend more on inventory.

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