Where can I view Amazon IPI index? What if the indicator is below the threshold


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Where can I view the Amazon IPI index for cross-border shipping? What if the indicator is below the threshold

Amazon IPI scoreIt is designed to help sellers understand how to improve the profitability of the enterprise and keep expenses to a minimum.AmazonSellers can access the Inventory Performance Dashboard to track the most influentialAmazon IPI Indexfactor.

Where can I view Amazon IPI index of e-commerce platform? What if the indicator is below the threshold

IHow do I check IPI scores?

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,IfAmazonSellers want to know the data about excess inventory, spot inventory and stranded inventory, just check the inventory performance dashboard.

It not only provides easy to understand statistics, but alsoUpdate IPI inventory performance index scores weekly。 In addition, it uses bright colors to make the data look clear, and provides suggestions for improvement to make it a valuableAmazon FBA SellerTools.

Where can I view the cross-border e-commerce Amazon IPI index? What if the indicator is below the threshold

IIAre there minimum standards for IPI performance?

According to Datahawk, before 2020, Amazon sellers in the EU and the UK may have IPI scores lower than 400 and be eligible for all index threshold allowances.

However, by the end of 2020, AmazonIPIThe inventory performance index ratio has been significantly adjusted, requiring most sellers to maintain at least 500.  

3、 What happens if the IPI score falls below the threshold?

If the Amazon seller'sIPI scoreIf it is lower than the threshold value, you will be punished, for example, you cannot store enough goods in Amazon warehouse. Every seller has an inventory storage limit. Those who cannot maintain 500 IPI scores have the lowest new restock limits.

If sellers are curious about restocking limits, please visitAmazon Seller Center, and click Inventory Performance or Manage FBA Shipments to view.

However, when an Amazon seller's account receives a score below 500 for the first timeIPIWhen scoring, the penalty will not begin immediately.

If the IPI score exceeds 500 at any time during this period, the seller will receive the same warehousing allowance. Amazon will punish the seller only when the seller's IPI score is low for several consecutive weeks.

4、 What is the IPI score storage limit?

Amazon has set storage limits for sellers with low IPI scores. Sellers with a score of more than 500 can store their goods in the Amazon FBA warehouse without restriction, while those with a score of less than 500 cannot. Amazon has a storage limit every quarter.

Where can I view the Amazon IPI index for cross-border shipping? What if the indicator is below the threshold

Sellers with IPI below 500 must also pay monthly storage excess fees (exceeding the quarterly storage limit of $10 per cubic foot), which will erode the profits of sellers.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,If the seller relies onAmazon FBATo store, prepare and transport goods, the IPI cannot be lowered too low. If the seller finds that the score of the seller is decreasing every week, it is necessary to focus on improving the inventory performance indicators.

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