New legislation in New York! Warning labels are required for Christmas lights


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

This legislation defines seasonal and decorative lighting products,And require eachIn the wire enclosure of SADLP, if the lead content exceeds 100 parts per million, there must be a warning label with the words "Warning: the coated wire handling this product may expose you to lead. Wash your hands thoroughly after use.”Any manufacturer who violates this rule will be fined $500.


Many decorative and seasonal holiday lights contain potentially unsafe levels of lead,Lead exposure can cause serious health problems, including attacks on the brain and central nervous system, heart and kidney diseases, fertility decline and depression, and serious consequences for children.


followIn several independent studies conducted by CPSC standards, the results showed that,The lead content in some brands of children's products exceeds that allowed by the regulatory authority30 times.


Although federal laws prohibit the sale and manufacture of lead in house paint and gasoline, and New York has only set strict restrictions on the paint on children's toys and furniture and some glazed tableware, the sale of most other consumer products containing lead is not so strictly regulated.


The vast majority of holiday decorative lights are manufactured overseas, and lead is also often used in wire coverings to prevent plastic cracking and act as a flame retardant. As lead is not easily absorbed through the skin, the main concern about exposure stems from traces left on people's hands after handling lamps.


GovernorHochul said that,"When we decorate our houses for the holiday, New Yorkers should not worry about exposing children and relatives to lead poisoning. This legislation is a simple and common sense way to protect the safety of New Yorkers when we participate in our beloved holiday traditions, so that we can have a safe, healthy and happy holiday."  


Lead poisoning is not a trivial matter, and sellers should be careful when making related products.

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