How to improve Amazon's IPI score? What indicators should sellers pay attention to


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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Amazon IPI ScoreIt is based on the seller's ability to generate sales while hoarding hot trend products and optimizing existing inventory. IfAmazon SellerEfforts are being made toIPIKeep onAmazonWe should pay attention to these key indicators.

1、 Pay attention to these indicators to improve Amazon's IPI score

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,There are several ways to improveAmazon IPI Score

oneFocus on sales conversion rate

The first suggestion is to focus on sales rate. This indicator is the percentage of items sold by sellers within a given time frame. To increase this ratio,AmazonThe seller should ensure that they have the correct inventory level and the correct product pricing.

twoOptimize inventory levels

In order to improve the sales rate, the seller should also keep the inventory level optimized. Sellers can determine how much inventory each product needs by analyzing sales data. The seller can also consider usingFBAAnd automatically adjust the price when necessary.

threeMinimize excess and stranded inventory

Another way to reduce IPI scores is to minimize excess and stranded inventory. To do this, the seller should ensure that only the things needed are stored and the products are quickly delivered to Amazon's warehouse.

2、 Other methods to improve IPI inventory performance indicators

oneCheck price

According to Datahawk, sellers who focus on raising prices usually notice an increase in IPI scores. If the price is too low or discounted, Amazon may reduce the seller'sIPI Inventory Performance Indicators。 Therefore, ensure that they are sold at the highest possible price and consider gradually increasing prices over time.

twoFocus on demand and transportation

Another way to improve IPI inventory performance indicators is to focus on demand and transportation speed. Since Amazon's goal is to ensure that customers receive their products as soon as possible, sellers who can ensure fast delivery time will see higher IPI scores.

In addition, ensuring that consumers have high demand for products will also positively affect IPI inventory performance indicators.

threeRegularly check the inventory level

It is necessary to regularly check inventory levels to ensure that sellers are not short selling or selling out. This will avoid Amazon's cancellation of orders and other penalties, which will have a negative impact on IPI scores.

fourUse Amazon's FBA function

Blue Ocean Yiguan learned that usingAmazonFBA sellers can enjoy the benefits of the project, including using Amazon's transportation infrastructure, accessing customer data, and so on. In general, there are many ways to improve IPI inventory performance indicators.

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