The sales volume of German toy market continues to rise, but 77% of sellers are worried about shortage


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

In the shopping season, many parents buy toys for their children at discounts and prepare Christmas and New Year gifts in advance.In the German toy market,In addition to festivals, this year's sales have shown a positive trend.


Due to the impact of the epidemic, people have responded positively to the epidemic prevention measures and reduced the number of people going out. In order to let children not feel bored at home, parents also increased their spending on toys to keep the sales volume of the toy market rising steadily.


According to market research companyNPD GroupAccording to the released data, this yearFrom January to October, the German toy market increased by 141 million euros, up 8% year on year.


Affected by the epidemic, the way people buy toys has also been transferred to online. The online sales of toys in Germany have accounted for58%。


Among them, children's and preschool educational toys are sold by toysThe "main force", such as building kits, board games, puzzles and other categories are popular.


Federal Association of Toy Retailers(BVS) predicted that at the end of this year, German consumers' spending on toys would reach at least 3.8 billion euros, an increase of 4% compared with 2020, which would set a record again.


The demand of toy market has risen, but under the influence of supply chain crisis, container price rise, transportation cost rise, manpower shortage and other problems, the toy market has also experienced a situation of short supply.


Economic Research InstituteIfo InstituteAccording to a survey released, Germany has77.8% of merchants complained about the problem of insufficient inventory due to the transportation delay.It reflects that the supply problem in the German toy market is relatively severe.


Although many parents are afraid of shortage, they have bought gifts in advance. But the coming Christmas is still the peak demand for toys.


In view of the current situation, the executive chairman of BVS said that many businesses have tried their best to replenish the inventory, but it is difficult to avoid the problem of out of stock. Therefore, maintain an optimistic and rigorous attitude towards Christmas sales.

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