Focusing on customized products, DTC brand won tens of millions of yuan in A+round financing


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

At present, the pace of enterprise financing has not stopped. Recently,DTC customized brand "Fanhai VANGO" announced tens of millions of yuan in A+round financingThe investors are Hefei Industrial Investment Fund, Jiupai Capital, etc. It is reported that this financing will be mainly used for talent introduction, optimization of the company's organizational structure, system research and development, and opening up the whole process of the commodity supply chain.


Brahma SeaVANGO is also a young seedling, which has just been established for two or three years. Different from ordinary enterprises going to sea, Fanhai focuses on customized DIY products, mainly involving customized clothing and home furnishing, and goes to sea relying on its own independent station.


Customized products have always had a certain demand, and there is a rising trend. according toMarket Research Future (MRFR) research report,The global customized product market willThe compound annual growth rate is 5.83%, and the market will reach 38.66 billion dollars by 2027.


MRFR pointed out that due to the diversified choices of personalized products in the market and the sharp increase in the purchasing power of consumers, especially the millennials, the business of customized products has grown quite rapidly in the past few years. The improvement of social and economic standards has led to changes in the purchase patterns of global consumers. The penetration of social media also increases people's preference for personalized gifts.


In terms of competition, more and more enterprises are entering this market. At this time, it is particularly important to hit the pain point of consumers and highlight brand differentiation.


Brahma SeaHu Pengcheng, a VANGO, said that,There is a strong demand for customization in overseas markets, but there is a gap in the design demand of customized products for low-end people, which cannot be met.For this reason, Van HaiVANGO meets the needs of consumers by improving materials and reducing production costs. It is reported that the number of users of Fanhai VANGO has reached more than 1 million.


In addition, BrahmaVANGO also has its own system to study consumer preferences by capturing sales data, user feedback, suggestions, etc.


Searchmetrics, an SEO search engine optimization company, said that,Brands must respond quickly to new trends in consumer demand to ensure competitive advantage.Previously, the company applied forAlthough the IPO listed Amazon third-party seller, Hour Loop, does not have its own products and only resells products of other brands on Amazon, it emphasizes in the prospectus that it has a strong operation and sales team and a software designed specifically for all their business needs, which can accurately respond to consumers' tastes.


This year, the most popular slogan of the cross-border circle is"Brand going to sea", but if the brand has no characteristics, it is just "trademark going to sea". Only when the product meets the needs of users and can stand out from many products, can it be regarded as a real brand going to sea.

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