What are the reasons for low sales of Amazon products and how to effectively improve sales


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What are the reasons for the low sales of b2b Amazon products and how to effectively improve sales

For Amazon sellers, the ultimate goal is to increase sales of Amazon products. It is not easy to quickly increase sales. It takes a lot of difficult processes. Just like learning from experience, there are three or five obstacles to achieve the goal. Today we will talk about the low sales of Amazon products.

Amazon's product sales are related to a variety of factors, such as product selection, low product exposure, high price settings, poor listing optimization, etc., which will affect product sales.

What are the reasons for the low sales of Amazon products and how to solve them

1、Low exposure and low flow

For products with low exposure and low traffic, especially new products, which have no traffic when they are just launched, advertising can be considered, such as CPC, PPC, etc., which are paid by clicking, and keywords can quickly bring large waves of traffic.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that when they first started running new products, they could basically use a wide range of keywords. Although the cost is relatively large, they can run for a while to find accurate keywords through data reports and keywords, and then gradually start phrase matching and precise matching, which will reduce a lot of costs. More traffic will be generated through the least and best keywords, which will greatly help improve the sales of Amazon products.

2、The product was not selected properly

If the seller fails to select the right product at the beginning, such as the poor quality of the selected product, seasonal product, holiday product, or dangerous product, the product competition is too fierce, these reasons will lead to poor product sales.

If the selection is wrong, the seller should adjust it in time. Of course, it is not necessary to take all the productsAfter the replacement, you can change it slowly in turn. When selecting products again, you must pay attention to many problems to avoid causing poor product sales again.

3、Unreasonable price setting

Another problem is that the product price set by the seller is unreasonable, either too high or too low, which will affect the product sales.

If you really don't know how to set the price, you can refer to your competitors.

4、Picture problems

The sales volume of Amazon products is low. Whether it is the main image or the attached image in the listing, high-quality and high pixel images should be prepared. Otherwise, the user experience will be affected and the product sales will eventually be affected.


Amazon listing page includes a lot of content, such as title, product highlights, description, image, search term, A+page, etc. If the basic work of a link is not done well, it will affect the sales of Amazon products.

For example, if the title of the product is not written correctly, it has nothing to do with the product, and the user cannot search for the product in time, of course, there will be no click through rate and conversion rate;

The description and key points are not easy to understand, and the keywords are piled up too long, resulting in poor user experience, which will affect product sales.

Lanhaiyiguan reminds sellers that there are many factors involved in the problem of low sales of Amazon products. Only by doing a solid job in basic work, from product selection to promotion, operation and logistics, can the seller ensure the continuous and stable growth of product sales.

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