New trends of outdoor decoration products in the United States. These product features are most popular with buyers


Author:Liu Mengyuan
Source: ennews

Industry data shows that the demand for home decoration rose sharply during the epidemic period. In addition to interior decoration, the demand for outdoor decoration products also increased. recentlyWell known in AmericaDesigner John TaoGrassEthan and retailersBased on the consumption habits and mentality of the local people, we summarized four characteristics of the most popular outdoor decorations, includingWindows and doorsas well asDecoration of the yardClass.


1. Naturalness

When consumers buy decorations, they will consider the natural attributes contained in the products. According to American home retail giantAccording to Wayfair data, the demand for furniture made of natural materials has been on the rise since this year, and the search volume of teak furniture has increased by 64% this year.


2. Sustainability

In terms of purchase options,72% of Americans said they would become repeat customers of sellers who pay attention to sustainability. For example, the product itself is recyclable and environmentally friendly, or the product packaging is paper rather than plastic, and the size of the box used to transport goods is reasonable, not too large or too small, etc.


3. Comfortable and atmosphere

When choosing products, consumers pay more attention to the comfortable atmosphere brought by the products. For example, the sunset light on Amazon was originally from a Korean home buyer's shop, and many people were surprised by the romantic atmosphere at first sight, and then spread it on social media, thus becoming popular all over the network.


In addition, consumers have increasingly high requirements for the atmosphere of holiday products, especially as Christmas is approaching, and the sales of Christmas themed stickers and decorations in various platforms are also hot.


4. Minimalism

It is understood that outdoor home decorations with monochrome metal decoration, minimalism and simple lines are popular among American consumers. In monochrome metal decoration, powder coating, matt, galvanized metal, beige, brown and other colors are more popular with consumers.


For cross-border sellers, only by gaining insight into the real needs of shoppers in their sales markets can they choose products that are popular or have high returns. For sellers who have already operated related categories, the product pictures, videos, five point descriptions andA+page, highlighting the pain points of consumer demand, will also greatly improve the conversion rate of products, so as to obtain more sales performance.

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