On Thanksgiving Day, the number of Americans shopping and the average expenditure decreased


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

According to the data, during the period from Thanksgiving Day to NetEase, both the number of Americans shopping and the average consumption declined.


According to the American Retail Federation andAccording to the annual survey of Prosper Insights&Analytics, from Thanksgiving Day to NetEase (hereinafter referred to as the weekend holiday), about 104.9 million people shop in stores, up from 92.3 million in 2020. The number of online shoppers decreased from 145.4 million last year to 127.8 million.


Weekend holidays,consumerThe total has reached179.8 million, more than 21 million higher than the initial expectation of NRF. However, it is still lower than 186.4 million in 2020, consistent with the average level of the past four years.


During this period, shoppers spend on holiday related goods on average$301.27, such as gifts, decorations, clothing and toys. This is slightly lower than the US $311.75 in 2020. As in previous years, most of this ($215.40) was directly used to buy gifts.


Black Friday is still the day with the largest number of shoppers in the store66.5 million shoppers, followed by small businesses on Saturdays, with 51 million shoppers. Similar to recent years, the number of online shoppers of Black Five surpassed that of Online One: 88 million people were shopping online during Black Five, while Online One was 77 million.


Phil Rist, Executive Vice President of Prosper Strategy, said: "In the past few years, Black Five has become an important day for in store and online shopping." "Although many consumers started their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving, a large part of their purchases were still made during the five-day weekend."


According to another research companyAccording to the report of Customer Growth Partners, the overall sales of Black Friday reached 34.9 billion dollars this year, higher than 31.2 billion dollars in 2019 and 29.7 billion dollars in 2020. This is mainly due to the recovery of offline consumption and the closure of Thanksgiving stores, which pushed the demand from Thursday night to Friday.


According to more NRF survey results, half (49%) of shoppers said that they had started holiday shopping before Thanksgiving this year because of the early promotion activities. The most popular gifts for weekend holidays include clothing and accessories (51% of respondents bought them), toys (32%), gift cards (28%), books/music/movies/video games (27%) and electronic products (24%). The vast majority (84%) of holiday shoppers said they had started shopping and spent about half of their planned budget (52%) on average.

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