Amazon's multi site inventory explosion has become a challenge!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

Black Five Nets has just passed, and Christmas is approaching again. Even when the problems of sea, air, and container transportation have not been effectively alleviated, the quantity of goods transported by each route is still large. Since the beginning of last month, many sellers have claimed that the goods they finally shipped are facing problems again.


Recently, some sellers have reported theirThe FBA goods cannot be stored in the warehouse. The foreign response was that the recipient refused, but the seller stated that the customer did not refuse. Without an accurate and effective response, the seller had no choice but to proceed with a second delivery. However, the seller is still worried that the second delivery will fail again. Some sellers have expressed that they may have been affected by foreign stock breaches.

Cross border information on Amazon's multi site inventory explosion has become a challenge!


In addition, there are also headaches for sellers regarding the difficulty of entering the warehouse. The seller reported that the UK warehouse has detained their goods and refused to ship them, citing reduced personnel flow due to epidemic control and Amazon's inability to pick them up. Watching their goods remain in place, the seller feels very distressed.


It was originally a happy peak season, but the problem of difficulty in entering the warehouse has added to sellers' worries.


In fact, the issue of difficulty in warehousing has not only emerged in the past two days. Recently, due to strikes on multiple Amazon sites abroad and demonstrations outside the sitesBHX4, both card delivery and express delivery have encountered issues of slow entry and inability to enter the warehouse. According to information from the logistics company, the BHX4 warehouse experienced delivery delays in early November, and some goods were divided into different warehouses, which greatly affected the delivery time due to the long storage distance.

The e-commerce platform Amazon's multi site inventory is exploding, making it a challenge to enter!


Not justIn the BHX4 warehouse, sellers have been reporting stock shortages since September, and it has become more apparent since early November. At that time, multiple Amazon sites in Europe and America had difficulty entering due to stock breaches, with the sites mainly concentrated in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Among them, the BHX4 warehouse at the UK station and the 44145 warehouse at the German station are experiencing severe warehouse explosions.


The problem of stock bursts often occurs, but it is particularly severe during peak seasons. In this regard, sellers need to plan in advance before, during, and after shipment to minimize subsequent troubles.

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