Meike Duo sells well: the secret to entering the market for six months and achieving sales revenue ranging from 0 to 10 million yuan


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todayWhat we bring isCross border e-commerce sellers——Mr. Weng Shiming and Mr. Weng from Shenzhen Rusu ExpressThe Big Selling Story. As early asIn the early stages of cross-border e-commerce development in 2014, Mr. Weng embarked on an Amazon entrepreneurial journey, and by then he had already become a customer of WorldFirst.


What platform was the most popular in 2020?

The vast majority of seller friends agree with both hands and feetMercado Libre. As the e-commerce giant with local traffic No.1 and business coverage covering 18 countries and regions in Latin America, this platform from Latin America has become the target of cross-border e-commerce sellers in the blink of an eyea favorite. How has our cross-border e-commerce seller been operating on the Meikeduo platform for over a year? Today,WeI am fortunate to have the opportunity to chat with Mr. Weng Shiming and Mr. Weng from Russia Express about his travels to Meike Duo.


How to sell Meike at sea: the secret to staying for six months and selling from 0 to 10 million yuan


In April 2020, AliExpress officially settled in Mercado. Prior to this, they were not only exploring opportunities in other markets, but also in the Russian market. In 2019, their team flew specifically to Latin America to investigate markets such as Mexico and Chile, and visited several e-commerce platforms there. In the end, they chose to settle in Mercado. It is the largest e-commerce platform in Latin America, with well-established infrastructure and excellent service experience for both buyers and sellers


Focusing on service experience is what Mr. Weng values the most, which is also why he chose Wanlihui(WorldFirst). When I first started my business in 2014, I was already a customer of WorldFirst, which was very reliable and the account manager was also very responsible. It was based on this that Mr. Weng chose to use WorldFirst for payment when he opened a Meikeduo store. The top rate of thousand three is very affordable, which can save us a lot of money. Moreover, now WorldFirst is a subsidiary of Ant, which is very reliable


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Cross border e-commerce Meike sells well: the secret to settling in for six months and achieving sales revenue ranging from 0 to 10 million


For Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers, Mercado is a relatively new platform, so when they first joined Mercado, Mr. Weng admitted that they also encountered some problems, such asThe integration of API and system, as well as the after-sales issues of buyers, and so on, "Meike Duo's customer manager promptly helps to handle, and the platform's responsiveness, research and development capabilities, and service experience are all in place


Within less than half a year of settling in Meike, the sales of AliExpress have already exceeded ten million yuan,At the end of 2020, it also ranked among the top sellers of Mercado. The most impressive thing is that during the Afterdays promotion we participated in in the second half of last year, we came up with a product for promotion. At that time, the price was over $70, and we sold over 7000 units in one day. The daily sales of this product alone were $500000. Our summary of experience: good products+competitive prices=explosive products


Of course, in terms of product selection, Mr. Weng has his own insights. Russian Express has represented many domestic brands,In 2020, the number of brands served exceeded 100, and they have developed very well in the Russian market. The Latin American market is a market that needs to be developed, with fewer brands to choose from, especially Chinese brands. This is a very good opportunity. They have chosen the path of branded products, which also includes some white brand products with a long lifespan, which is very in line with the requirements of the Meikeduo platform. After a year of product selection and testing, Mr. Weng will continue to delve into brand products in the four major categories of 3C, kitchen, fitness, and personal beauty. "We hope to send more high-quality brands and products to Latin America and strive to become a leader in the Chinese brand's overseas industry


Review the entire processIn 2020, the epidemic had a significant impact on cross-border e-commerce. "From the perspective of industry practitioners, I can see that brand certification, customs clearance efficiency, and packet loss rate have a significant impact. Therefore, when we layout the Latin American market, we have prioritized the use of overseas warehouses of Mercado. We have warehouses in Mexico and Chile, which are very convenient, and Mercado also has traffic support


For the next development, Mr. Weng also has his own small goals:Strive to improve GMV and become a more top-notch seller on multiple Meike platforms! Mr. Weng also shared a few small suggestions for some sellers who have newly laid out the Meike multi platform:


1. Insight into the opportunities behind product selection: After more than a year of operation, deeply realize the importance of product selection, which is based on an understanding of the consumption habits and population proportion of the Latin American population; At the same time, you can follow the big data product selection list of Meike Multi Platform, learn from the hot sales lists of other local e-commerce platforms, and find suitable products for yourself;


2. Participate in more promotional activities: The Meike Duo platform has a variety of promotional activities on various sites throughout the year. In addition to primary and secondary promotions, there are also various daily activities to participate in, which is an accelerator for increasing sales. It is necessary to plan and participate in such activities in advance;


3. Service experience is very important: The Meikeduo platform places great emphasis on the buyer's experience, so we sellers should remember to do a good job in product, pre-sales QA, after-sales, and so on!


Like Mr. Weng, cross-border e-commerce sellers who want to settle in Meikeduo can choose Wanlihui(WorldFirst's "Global Voyage Plan", a green store opening channel for free entry into Meikeduo


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Cross border e-commerce logistics Meike Duo sells well: the secret to settling in for six months and achieving sales revenue ranging from 0 to 10 million yuan

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