The benefits of Amazon's bundled sales, understand these rules before using


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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The benefits of Amazon bundle sales at sea. Learn these rules before using them

Amazon allows sellers to"Bundle sales"If you use this function well, you can enjoy many benefits.

First of all, it gives more purchasing power to budget conscious consumers. Even buyers who are used to bargaining will be willing to spend more if they can enjoy greater discounts from bundles.

However, the benefits of bundled sales go beyond that.

The seller canSell products with low performance and products with high performance togetherTherefore, the sales volume of products with low performance will be greatly increased.

Bundled sales can increase the average order value and increase profits, which can be used together with ACOS strategy.

For small and medium-sized sellers, bundled sales can alsoLet the product reach a certain threshold, and then set up sponsorship brand advertising,In addition, it can also improve the brand's popularity on the Amazon platform.

The biggest advantage of bundled sales is that it canEasily win Amazon Shopping Cart Buy Box.

There are basically many sellers selling a single product, and they are grabbing shopping carts. It is difficult for ordinary sellers to grab shopping carts. For bundled sales, sellers can create unique listing. If only they are selling, shopping carts will always be their own.

Blueocean Yiguan has learned that 82% of Amazon's sales are generated through shopping carts, which is enough to prove how much sales can be obtained with shopping carts. On the contrary, the sales of products without shopping carts may be very small.

Of course, creating a "bundle" means a new listing. Comments start from scratch. BSR ranking also depends on the sales volume. You cannot use the data of a product in the bundle.

There are some strategies to use Amazon's "bundled sales" function.

1. Understand Amazon's rules

Amazon certainly has rules for creating bundled sales.

If you want the bundling strategy to work effectively, you must follow Amazon's rules and not allow product bundles to be marked or removed.

Amazon's rules on "bundled sales" can be broadly summarized as three points:

1. Each product in the bundle must be an independent product, that is,Each product needs its own unique ASIN code or UPC code, pre packaged products using the same ASIN/UPC, not counted

twoThe products in the bundle should complement each otherAlthough this is not a mandatory requirement like the first one, the fact is that if the products in the bundle are completely irrelevant, consumers will not be interested

3. Amazon has special rules for the bundling of video games, books, music, videos, DVDs and other products. Basically, these products cannot be used as the basic products in the bundle, but only as secondary products or supplementary products, such as yoga DVDs bundled with yoga mats for sale

2. Select "mutually beneficial" products to create bundles

Amazon requires sellers to bundle complementary products. Regardless of this rule, sellers must be aware that the products in the bundle must be matched. If they are not related or matched, even if it is cheaper to buy the two together, consumers can hardly see the value of the bundle. Or, the products combined in the bundle cannot persuade them to place an order.

in the final analysis,Bundle sales is to select products that can be used together, such as guitar and guitar pick, running shoes and sports socks.

Some products are very suitable for matching from the function or theme, such as socks and underwear, gloves and scarves, matching bedding and curtains, which requires the seller to be creative.

You can use some analysis tools and machine learning algorithms to obtain consumer data, including what products they usually buy together, or even the order of purchase. These "shopping trails" are excellent tools for sellers to create bundles.

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