How to optimize variants to promote sales when Amazon launches products


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How to optimize variants to promote sales when launching products on Amazon

stayAmazon listingAdding product variants in can improve shoppers' experience and also helpAmazon Sellerput it over. By strategically setting themes, adding content, and organizingAmazon VariantCan attract customers' attention.

AmazonThe way products are displayed in the search depends on the variant performance. Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that in most cases, Amazon shows the best search resultsvariant

With reference to the figure below, sellers can see gray slippers in the search results of "slippers" on Amazon. When you click listing, you can see that there are four other colors available for purchase, but gray slippers are displayed by default, because they are the best selling variant products.

How to optimize variants to promote sales when cross-border e-commerce products are launched on Amazon

IImprove underperforming variants

If the seller has a variant and the sales performance is not good, it can still be displayed in the search results. This occurs when a customer searches for a specific keyword related to the variant.

For example, if the red slippers in this listing are not the best sellers, they can still be displayed in the search results of "red slippers" instead of "slippers". In addition, if there are redundant red slippers in the warehouse, the seller can give a discount on listing.

If customers look for gray slippers on the seller listing, but see that the red slippers are cheaper, they may be more inclined to buy cheaper slippers.

IIContent strategy for product variants

1. Place content on parent and child pages

For listing in search results, the description of each variant may look different. In planningSeller CentralIs a variation of.

There are several different ways to display listing content on the parent or child level. This is very important for customer experience, because any feature or element in one variant that is different from another needs to be mentioned in the description.

When content is placed at a sub level, listing can display different descriptions for each variant. Refer to the picture of Quaker Oats below to see the content variations of these two versions. This ensures that customers are not confused about the specific product they order.

How to optimize variants to promote sales when cross-border e-commerce products are launched on Amazon

How to optimize variants to promote sales when cross-border e-commerce logistics products are launched on Amazon

In some cases, the seller does not want the description to change because all of these variations are the same except for the theme. For example, all the slippers mentioned above are the same except for the color. In this example, the seller can put the content under the parent listing, so each variant keeps the same description.

IIIHow product variants affect EBC content

Blueocean Yiguan learned that if the seller wants toEBCContent, two strategies can be adopted. If the seller wants to change the theme, such as color or size, he can create an EBC content for listing.

For example, if the seller is selling oven gloves of different colors, one EBC content can easily display all the glove colors. If each variant requires a separate EBC, create a separate listing. Children's products can sometimes upload EBC content, but it cannot be guaranteed that they can be used 100%.

If there are more differences between variants, it may be invalid to share an EBC under listing according to different products.

For example, if the coffee cup is printed with different MLB teams, it is not ideal for EBC to show the customer's favorite team and its opponents. Yankees fans may not be satisfied that the Red Sox team appears in their search,

Therefore, merging EBC may lead to higher listing exit rate. In this example, separating these variants into their listing helps improve the shopper's experience.

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