WhatsApp actively cooperates to help SMEs develop business


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social software at present, with more than 2 billion users worldwide. However, most users do not know that WhatsApp provides free commercial applications for businesses in addition to chatting. And this function is mainly for SMEs.


WhatsApp, an enterprise application, can help small and medium-sized enterprises easily contact customers, highlight key products, accept orders and serve as customer service, so that the interaction between sellers and customers can be more timely, and it can also provide various personalized services for merchants and improve the privacy of bilateral dialogues.


Through this application, enterprises can create a catalog to display products and related services, and use the tools of the program to automatically classify and respond to customer messages.


Currently, this business application has more than50 million users receive about 175 million messages every day. However, according to a survey, 35% of small business users said that the lack of expert guidance was the biggest problem they encountered in their use.


In order to solve this problem, WhatsApp tries to let more SME sellers know about this application.Recently announced thatEnterprise NationEstablish partnerships to support and guide UK SMEs on how to useWhatsApp's free commercial app.


UK Small Business Support OrganizationEnterprise NationIt has supported more than500000 small enterprises. Among them, there are different plans to provide training for SMEs, includingStartUp UKA three-year event to help1 million people start businesses)、Business.connectedTrain enterprises how to use technology, applications and software)、She Means BusinessTraining female founders inRun and grow business on Facebook and Instagramwait.


WhatsApp Public Planning DirectorAkua GyekyeHe said that in the past few years, small enterprises have faced unprecedented challenges. It is important for enterprises to establish contact with customers.WhatsApp allows consumers to communicate with sellers as they chat with their families, allowing them to place orders, query and browse products. At the same time, it can also provide a simple way for enterprise sellers to keep in touch with customers and complete sales. This is very important for small businesses to maintain consumer relations.


Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise NationHe said that it is very important for every enterprise to maintain the relationship with customers at this time. But sometimes it will be ignored because of the new business coming. So andWhatsApp cooperation is expected to benefit more SME sellers.


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