The European e-commerce market is worth 396 billion Euros, and Allegro and Wildberry have become dark horse platforms


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

E-commerce platforms are an important part of e-commerce. With the prosperity of e-commerce itself, e-commerce platforms have seen strong growth this year. Recently,Inriver's research shows that nearly half of online product searches in Britain and Germany are conducted fromE-commerce platformStarted.


A report recently released by RetailX pointed out that throughout Europe,50% of online shoppersE-commerce platform。 In the UK, as many as64% of shoppersWe will first use the e-commerce platform, and one quarter of online shopping will go through Amazon.


Estimated todayE-commerce in Europe inThe total sales of will reach396 billion euros.Since e-commerce platforms account for about half of e-commerce sales, it is estimated thatEuropean e-commerce platformTotal salesAbout120 billion to 150 billion euros.AndCompared with the estimated 100 billion euros in the RetailX report last year, this is aremarkableGrowth of.


althoughE-commerce platformIt has become increasingly dominant in Europe, but the report shows that there are significant differences in each countryThe local platform is also growingsuch asSpain is still dominated by mixed markets, which are market derivatives of retailers, such asEl Corte Ingl é s and Monthly Visitsalsoachieve79 million.AndCompared with net sales in 2019,GermanOTTOstay2020Sales alsoIncreased37%。


And according to the report, as of this yearIn April,polandE-commerce platform ofAllegroIt has grown into the third largest market in Europe, with monthly185 million views, second only to Amazon and eBay.In addition, Russia's largest e-commerce platformWildberriesIt has also been developing continuously. Now there are about149 million passengers, following closelyAllegroRanked fourth in Europe.


The report also mentioned that Amazon did not dominate Spain, Italy, Poland, and to some extent France and Portugal,Allegro and Wildberry are targeting these markets and may soon fill the gap in Amazon.


Based on consumers' preferences,The five most popular e-commerce platforms are AmazoneBay、Etsy、Asos、Wish。


In the entire sample of online retail traffic,Proportion of e-commerce platform retailers in Germany and BritainVery highMore and more retailers are becoming e-commerce platforms, operating e-commerce platforms or hoping to sell on e-commerce platforms.


andCzech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Norway, Sweden and SloveniaJust the opposite, theyE-commerce platformThe market scale is very smallThese countriesandThe majority of online sales in the region come from nonplatformWeb site.

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