US children's sportswear increased by 34%, with small brands as an important driving force


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

Investigation organizationNPDexpress,Compared with last year, this yearJanuary to OctoberChildren's sportswearSales in the marketIncreased34%


Matt Powell, Sports Industry Advisor, NPDexpress:The reopening of schools and the restart of sports activities have further promoted the development of children's sportswear business this yearChildren's sportswearFor Q3 sportswearA bright category in Chinese.Return of more social activitiesWill only increase this year's vacation andMarket strength in 2022.


Among them, many small brandsLeading the sales of children's sportswear marketGrowth.NPDAccording to the data of, small brandsLess than the sales of boys' sportswear 30%, but it dominates nearly 60% of the girls' sportswear business.exceptSmall brands,Nike, Adidas and Andema are the highest earning children's sportswear brandsHowever, compared with last year, they either lost market share or remained the same. on the other hand,The market share of Champion, Jordan, Reebok and other smaller brands increased.


By this yearIn October, although the girlAthletic WearIncome ofLess than the boy's45%, but sales of girls' products grow fasteramongshortsAnd long sleevesSweatshirtyesThe fastest growing product categoryandT-shirtAnd long sleevesSweatshirts lead the boys' segment in sales.


Matt PowellIt is pointed out that:Similar to the women's sportswear market,Small brandMore than half of the girls' sportswear businessThis fact shows that,largeBrand continues to disappoint female consumers


He also commented that in the pastIn the past 20 years, many brands have announced their intention to develop women's businesses. Few people have succeeded. They often see brands take one step and then take two steps back. An important change is the rise of small brands, filling the gap in the female market.


according toAccording to NPD data, if many small brands are grouped together, they have become the largest women's sportswear brand in the United States. At present, small brands account for nearly 44% of the total sales of women's sportswear, while Nike, the second largest brand, accounts for 8% of the market share.


NPD also pointed out that Lululemon is a brand that started from a small scale and is expected to surpass Nike as the largest female sportswear brand in the United States.


Matt Powellexpress:"Lululemon has always focused on female consumers, and the company has cultivated a group of fanatical followers. The women's wear market is full of opportunities, and I hope to see more brands achieve leapfrog development."

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