Comfortable and light has become a trend, and the sales of slippers are growing happily!


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, people have spent more time at home. Neither students nor office workers need to wear formal clothes. Naturally, comfortable clothing is the home fashion that everyone pursues.


It is convenient to walk and keep warm at home, and slippers have also become everyone's"Favorite piece".According to market research companyAccording to NPD Group, sales of slippers in the United States increased by 40% from January to August 2020.


In France, slippers are also popular. French Footwear Federation(FFC) said that during the epidemic period in 2020, sales of slippers increased by 11% to 3.92 euros.alsoIn 2021, the rising trend was also accelerated, and the sales of slippers increased by 25% from March to August.


Before the epidemic, the slipper market had been in a downturn.For the current market,H é l è ne Janicaud, director of fashion market research at Kantar, saidReached"The highest level in ten years".This shows that the clothing style of consumers has also changed with the epidemic.


In addition to the increase in sales of slippers, as people realize the importance of health and pay more attention to sports, comfortable sports shoes have also become the best selling goods in the sports category.


according toUnion Sport & CycleofdataIn September, the sales of French sports shoes increased by 17% year on year, 15% higher than the beginning of the year. The proportion of sports goods purchased through e-commerce has also increased,The sales in September increased by 27% compared with June 2020, accounting for 13% of the retail sales of sports goods in September.


The epidemic has changed people's purchasing methods and living habits, as well as clothing fashion.In addition to shoes, light weight and comfort have also become the clothing theme that everyone pursues.


The 2021 global lifestyle survey shows that 83% of consumers want to buy more comfortable clothes. Therefore, when choosing clothes, comfort accounts for 87% of the purchase reasons;have60% of consumers said that in order to meet their demand for comfortable and environment-friendly clothing, they would be willing to spend more money on cotton clothing, and 77% believed that cotton clothing was the most comfortable.


In addition, after resuming office work, some companies also relaxed the dress code requirements, so similar to jeansClothing with high comfort such as T-shirts has become the theme of consumers' dress. In addition, comfortable yoga pants, sports underwear and other categories are also on consumers' shopping lists.


Therefore, relevant enterprise sellers can pay more attention to and understand the trends of comfort products in the next selection, cater to the preferences of local consumers, and improve the attention and sales of stores.

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