45 day rush class is currently 5! The seller publicizes Amazon's experience in creating blockbusters


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From head sellers to small and medium-sized sellers, groups of people are pouring into the fast lane of cross-border e-commerce. However, in this process, some people have brilliant careers, while others have no choice but to leave. For successful people, the most frequently asked question is"How to create a blockbuster on Amazon?" The problem of.


Yi'en.com interviewed Henan Aoyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to asMr. Dong Jiaxing, the co-founder of "AOYI Electronics", shared his experience in creating blockbusters on Amazon based on his own experience


45 day rush into the category of the current five, the seller shares the experience of quickly creating a blockbuster


Avionics was founded inIn 2018, we will mainly sell products in the categories of indoor furniture and outdoor fitness, focusing on the European market. Although Avionics has only been established for three years, it looks young in the face of Amazon's big sales after years of struggling,However, its development speed and ability to create blockbusters should not be underestimated.


byIn November, Avionics has created about 100 million sales on Amazon this year, which is inseparable from its ability to successfully create blockbusters for many times.


For sellers, it is self-evident that it is important to successfully create a blockbuster, which contributes huge profits to the store both in terms of traffic and sales. However, many novice sellers are a little at a loss, sayingWithout experience, I don't know which products can become popular. The low price spiral has intensified the fierce competition of products.


Creating a blockbuster is a matter of thousands of people, but there is only one side to success. Dong Jiaxing presented his experience on how many sellers wanted to know how to quickly build new products into popular ones.


stayIn August,Dong Jiaxing only usedIn 45 days, it has stabilized a product link to the current 5 European stations. Based on the operation experience of this product,Dong Jiaxing shared the following steps to create a blockbuster:


1、Carry out a week-long survey of the market, and find out whether the current situation includes10 requiredAverage daily quantity, one evaluation quantity of the whole marketandStar ratingThe defects of the product, the optimization of the product according to the key points that consumers care about, and the core flow words of the product.

2、Making use of this informationListing and picture A+, jump out of the inherent perspective of the market and effectively display the selling points

3、Conductprice, onEnsuring sufficient profitsIn caseAt the same time, it should not be too much higher or too low than the market price.

4、Advertising settings, mainly based onManual advertisingMainly.

5、productThe accumulation of comments,withThe invitation in the station is dominant, almost used4 reviews in 15 days

6、After the evaluation, the single volume will be detonated in the form of large discount coupons, but the seller also needsSeize the time,At a later stageTimely close large amount coupons

7、In the form of manual advertising,letStable flow enteringWith the support of A+and coupon, the effect of stable order issuance is achievedWith the help ofFor BD, it took about 45 days to improve the unit quantity while ensuring the conversion rate,takeThe link is stable to the current class5.


In addition to the successful case of appeal, Dong Jiaxing also said that in order to make the product into a popular product, these core key points should be noted:The selected products must have sufficient market capacity; Don't run out of goods in the early stage of promotion. It's OK if the profit is low, as long as the product is stable; There is sufficient product evaluation to withstand external attacks.


On the question of how to identify which products have become popular, Dong Jiaxing said that when a product has a clear consumer groupThere is sufficient market capacity and profit space, and at the same time,In 3-5 years, it will not be completely replaced by emerging products, so it has a certain potential for explosive funds.


For sellers, the importance of creating a blockbuster is self-evident, but the erratic logistics costs, rising raw material prices, and soaring advertising costs also give many sellers a headache.


How can sellers break the situation when costs rise and profits decline?


With the rising cost of logistics and raw materials this year, many buyers can't afford to call directly. Dong Jiaxing said that Avionics has also been affected,However, in this period of time, the rising cost of logistics and raw materials is an inevitable phenomenon. Take the cost of air transportation as an example,The company has experienced20 yuan/kg has gradually increased to 60 or 70 yuan/kg, an increase of nearly four times.


In addition, Dong Jiaxing said that the change of traffic was very normal,It is felt that the traffic has decreased, but in fact it is not obvious,We should consider the following aspects: there are more and more Amazon sellers, and each seller's traffic has decreased compared with the previous; The epidemic situation has led to a decline in the economic consumption capacity of overseas markets; The development of several overseas online shopping platforms is dividing up the market flow.


"The difficulty of being an Amazon is increasing, and the operation ability of sellers is also increasing," said Dong Jiaxing. Compared with 16 years,The increase of sellers, the continuous improvement of platform rules and the increase of costs have only increased the difficulty of operation.But in essence, the seller only sells on Amazon, which has never changed.


Many sellers are reluctant to continue Amazon's"Philanthropists" are seeking to choose multi-channel layout to spread their own risks. Avionics is also actively opening up other sales channels. In addition to the Amazon and Wal Mart platforms that have already been deployed, the company is also preparing to expand to other potential platforms.


The 45 day cross-border sailing rush category is currently five! The seller publicizes Amazon's experience in creating blockbusters


Dong Jiaxing looked forward to Wal Mart's development and saidIf theAmazon is a robust adult, so the online part of Wal Mart is just a5. Six year olds,In reality, Wal Mart's online development is not as fast as offline, but in the future, as a local platform in the United States, Wal Mart has huge development potential.


aboutAs a seller expanding multi-channel sales, Dong Jiaxing believes thatAs much as you can take risks, you should do as much as you can. You should be clear about your position and not blindly and aggressively invest,Should be down-to-earthSteady development.For example:If I were a pure whitehaveFor 100,000 yuan, let me be Amazon. My choice isearly stageJust take it outthreeten thousandreachThe cost of 50000 yuan will be put into it, and it will develop slowly, like a snowball,early stageI'm sure I can't make a lot of money, but there's no problem with daily living expenses


When entering a new channel, the seller needs to define its own position and give the operation space for free development; Don't put eggs in one basket to improve the ability to control risks; Adjust yourself according to the platform policy. Looking at problems from a long-term perspective and pursuing long-term stable development is the absolute principle.


stayOn December 13, at the 2021 First Mid China Cross border E-Commerce Sellers' Brands Summit hosted by Yi'en, Dong Jiaxing will bring“How to create a blockbuster through Amazon advertising”It is a wonderful sharing of the theme, which is discussed from the perspectives of drainage, traffic, advertising layout, etcHow to create a blockbuster through Amazon, andGive corresponding suggestions to peers and sellers based on their own experience. You can click"Read the original text" or scan the QR code below to register for this conference, and listen to the dry goods shared by Dong Jiaxing on site.


The cross-border e-commerce platform has entered the market in 45 days, which is currently five! The seller publicizes Amazon's experience in creating blockbusters

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