A cold holiday this year? USPS holiday packages will decrease by 1 billion


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

USPS forecast, compared with last yearIt will handle less mail (letters, cards and parcels) during the holiday this year1 billion pieces.


not long agoUSPS released a press release saying: "The holiday in 2020 is a record year for postal services. Specifically,WeProcessing and delivery under some of the most difficult circumstances13 billion letters, cards and parcels. For the peak season of 2021 - between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day - USPS will deliver more mail and parcels than any other shipper.During the festival,It is expected that there will be850 million to 950 million packages. The total number of letters, cards and parcels handled and delivered is estimated to exceed 12 billion. "


USPSThe reason for lowering the forecast also led to the speculation of foreign mediaYes No andepidemic situationrelevant?in addition, mailing costWhether the improvement ofNot long ago, the sales data of Heiwuhe One.com was disappointing,Does the decrease of USPS mail also indicate that the overall online sales may not be satisfactory this year?


In the comments of relevant news, some sellers think that many people have started this holidayIn addition to "shopping in advance", USPS's rising freight may also reduce its business volume. Many sellers have begun to consider other logistics providers, such as FedEx or UPS. Some eBay sellers said that the number of packages they transported through USPS decreased by 30-50%.


stayUSPSpress releaseAlso announcedForever StampPermanent Stamp)ofPricefrom55 cents increased to 58 cents,Prices of all retail and domestic commercial competitive packages also rose temporarily during the holidayThis is true to some extent"Persuaded" many sellers.


stayUSPSThe press release also contains other items of interest to the sellerdataUSPS expects that customer traffic will increase steadily from December 6. It expects the busiest time for mailing, transportation and delivery to be December 13-19thThis week, it will process and deliver2.3 billion FirstClassMail(First class mail,Including greeting cards and parcels).USPS forecast December 19 (ChristmasLast Sunday before)It will be the busiest day for postal service online.

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