A batch of accounts have been suspended for no reason, and 15 year old sellers will exit


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

Account suspension is not a trivial matter, as it can have an impact on sellers' sales in just a few hours, but sometimes it can also happenMiskilling "has even caused the seller to cry out. Recently, eBay suspended a number of sellers' accounts due to the platform, which caused a lot of roast.


Like Amazon, Wal Mart and other platforms, most accounts are suspended for good reason, usually involving some questionable activities, such as fraudulent pricing, infringement of intellectual property rights, or violation of the platform's sales regulations. These problems lead to closure and the seller has nothing to say.


It is reported that almost every weekEBay sellers posted cases of their accounts being suspended without reason on social media. But last Friday, many seller accounts were mistakenly suspended, and one seller even shared their "dramatic" experience.

A batch of B2B accounts have been suspended for no reason, and 15 year old sellers will be withdrawn


The seller is already in theEBay has been selling for fifteen years, and sales are also very good. Suddenly, I received an email from the platform informing the sellerThe account has been permanently suspended without any additional explanation,The seller sends a question and only receives a set automatic response. But the next day, the seller received it againWe are pleased to inform you that your account has been restoredThe seller stated in their email that they were speechless. PlusThe seller stated that they will withdraw from the eBay market due to the high cost of the eBay platform. Many sellers have complained about this matter.


butEBay only made a lukewarm apology statement, which disappointed the sellers. The platform stated that“Earlier today, someThe eBay account has been suspended for no reason, and the issue will be resolved within a few hours. We will contact any sellers who need to take action, and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused to the sellers


Just likeEBaysellerThe same platform failures that we often encounter, the companyandDidn't provide too many explanations. Some sellers have stated that the platform has not offered corresponding compensation for the seller's lost sales revenue or the time lost as a result.


The platform's mistake caused damage to the seller's interests, butEBay did not offer a sincere apology, and this wave of truth has chilled many sellers' hearts.


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