Why is the seller's shipment rejected by Amazon warehouse?


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Why are cross-border information seller shipments rejected by Amazon warehouse?

The storage capacity limit is a problem that all Amazon sellers will encounter at present, but what makes some sellers even more desperate is that some shipments are rejected after being sent to the Amazon operation center.

In addition, it is now the peak season at the end of the year. Once the delivery plan is disrupted by Amazon or the goods are rejected, the store may face the situation of no goods for sale.

Why does Amazon reject the seller's inventory?

oneThere is a problem with the outer packing box

According to previous seller feedback, the main reason why the seller was refused to enter the warehouse by Amazon was that the outer packing box was not in compliance.

From the beginning, Amazon warehouse had strict requirements on the carton of the seller's goods, including the size, material and how to label. Once the goods did not meet the warehouse standards, it was reasonable for Amazon to reject the goods.

Taking the warehousing requirements of the seller's goods at Amazon America Station as an example, the size of the carton of goods sent by the seller to Amazon's warehouse cannot exceed 63.5cm, that is, 25 inches.

Once this standard is exceeded, employees of Amazon warehouse have the right to refuse the warehousing of this batch of goods.

Or, Amazon warehouse staff will charge the seller additional fees after signing.

However, no matter how it is, it also has a negative impact on sellers. Therefore, when using cartons to wrap products, you must pay attention to the size.

In addition, the FBA warehouse may reject the outer box if it is seriously deformed or damaged.

twoPacking method of outer box

To protect the safety of warehouse employees, Amazon prohibits sellers from using elastic belts, nylon fiber belts, etc. on the packaging of outer boxes.

In addition, the seller can use transparent tape when packaging in the outer package, but the use of yellow tape or tape of other colors may block the label, and Amazon warehouse will reject it.

threeThe labels of goods are unclear or fall off

This phenomenon often occurs in summer, because the high temperature will often lead to the falling off or blurring of the shipping labels.

If there is no correct product label, Amazon employees will refuse to enter the warehouse.

In addition, all countries and regions have clear regulations on the origin of goods entering the customs. If the goods sent to Amazon warehouse are not labeled with the origin, they may be detained or refused entry by the local customs.

In a word, the seller should conduct a systematic inspection on the package of the goods before shipping to the Amazon warehouse, so as to find problems and solve them as early as possible.

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