What factors affect Amazon's store opening cost? How much will the seller spend


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What factors affect the cost of opening a cross-border Amazon store? How much will the seller spend

Amazon opening costAffected by many factors, the cost will also depend on the product and the items selected by the seller (such asFBAorFBM)It is different.

IWhat are the influencing factors of Amazon's store opening cost?

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,AmazonThe seller's cost of opening a store depends on various factors, including:

1. Monthly subscription fee

Depending on the size of the enterprise, Amazon will charge users a monthly subscription fee. For example, the Professional Seller Program is for sellers who sell more than 40 items per month, and the monthly subscription fee is $39.99.

If you are an individual seller, you do not have to pay any subscription fee if you complete less than 40 orders every month. But for every product sold, Amazon will charge the seller $0.99.

2. FBA expenses

If the seller is throughAmazon FBAFor sales, the fees paid will depend on the order type. For example, the larger the order, the seller will have to pay more.

Because FBA sellers can let Amazon's warehouse manage orders, the sellers also need to pay monthly storage fees. From January to September, it was $0.69 per cubic foot, and from October to December, it was $2.40 per cubic foot.

If the product stays in the FBA warehouse for more than one year, the seller will have to pay additional fees.

3. FBM expenses

Unlike FBA,Amazon FBMThe seller is responsible for shipping their own products. Compared with FBA, one of its main advantages is lower cost.

Through FBM, Amazon sellers participating in the professional sales plan can choose their own freight. Another advantage is that you don't have to pay any warehouse or warehousing fees.

4. Recommendation fee

Every time a seller sells a product on Amazon, he or she will pay a 6% to 20% referral fee. The referral fee depends entirely on the type of product sold by Amazon sellers.

For example, if Amazon sellers sell any electronic products, they are expected to pay 8%. On the other hand, if the seller sells clothes, it will cost about 17%.

5. Customer return expense

If a customer returns any goods to the seller's warehouse, as an Amazon seller, he will be responsible for paying the return cost.

IIsellerHow much does it cost in AmazonOpen a shop?

According to Pattern's data,Generally speaking, in AmazonstoreAbout 500to$3000.sellerThe funds invested must cover the following aspects

1. Requiredcost

twoInventory cost

The inventory cost will bestayAmazonOpen a shopThe most important early investmentone of。 After all, this isTo sellSomething for the customer.  

If you are a novice of Amazonseller, may not be willing to spend a lot of money on inventory, becausesellerIt is not clear which products are suitable for customers. for fear offastExhaustioncapitalsellerAt the beginningCan be consideredInvestment 500to$1000, and then test which products will sell well.

threetransportation cost

fourProduct pictures

Open a shop in Amazon,Unqualified photosDefinitely not, becauseHigh quality product photossureAttract customers' attentionDrive sales

sellerA portion of the budget will be invested in professional photography to make online products stand out. Photos must show the product from different angles, so that customers can clearly see the product and see it from a professional perspective. Low quality images cannotWell displayedHigh quality products.

5. Advertising expenses

It's not enough to just upload beautiful pictures to Amazon store. To drive more sales,sellerWe also need to invest in advertising and expand it as much as possibleadvertisementCoverage.

According to PatternAmazon's advertising is cheaper than other platformsAt present, Amazon's average cost per click is about 0.35 dollars. However,sellerA large number of advertising campaigns need to be tested to determine which approach is most appropriate for the audience.

sixTools and supplies

Blue Ocean Yiguan learnedIn addition to Amazon online marketing,sellerIt also takes a lot of time to package, measure, and manage ordersUnlessyesAmazon FBASeller)。 Therefore,sellerIt will have to invest in various tools and supplies.

For example,sellerNeed to purchase boxes, packaging tapes and scales for packing orders.If yesOne printerPrint AllAmazontransportLabels and documents will also be convenient.

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