More holiday parties promote the rapid recovery of the beauty market!


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

The sales share of the beauty market has always been the largest part of the total holiday sales. In the discount season, people will not only send perfume and incense candles to their families and friends, but also buy new cosmetics for their cosmetic bags"Replenish" to find new lipstick for use at various parties at the end of the year.


Although during the epidemic period, the sales of beauty categories declined. But now people are gradually going out of their homes to resume social activities. This year, more and more people will gather with their family and friends.So these people are ready to spend more on new eye shadow, powder blusher and perfume.


In order to attract consumers to buy, major beauty retailers have also launched more holiday themed gift sets.


Kecia Steelman, Chief Operating Officer, Ulta It is expected that the sales of this holiday will more reflect people's desire to dress up more brightly.


NPD GroupstayIn September, more than 3600 consumers were surveyed on holiday spending. More than a quarter of American consumers plan to buy beauty products.thereforeNPD predicts that the overall sales of beauty in the United States will also exceed the pre epidemic level this year, with an increase of 25% - 35% compared with last year.


NPD said the fourth quarter was crucial because about one third of sales came from holidays.In addition, consumers tend to buy cosmetics online, so in addition to large-scale beauty collection stores such as Sephora, many small and medium-sized sellers pay attention to the layout of online stores.


Specifically, hairdressing products and perfume have always been in this field"Leader".From January to September 2021, the sales volume of perfume increased by 63% compared with that of last year; The sales volume of hairdressing products from January to September increased by 49% compared with last year.


The number of holiday parties at sea increased, promoting the rapid recovery of the beauty market!


According to Larissa Jensen, consultant of NPD beauty industryAs products such as hair masks and shampoos can enable consumers to enjoy a spa like experience at home, they are expected to be favored by consumers in the fourth quarter.


On the other hand, the sales of cosmetics this yearFrom January to September, it decreased by 20%, but the sales of lipstick also increased by 19% compared with 2020.In addition, the sales of eye makeup products that cannot be covered by masks, such as eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow, are also optimistic.


According to the data survey and the change of the general environment, the beauty market will continue to recover. Therefore, in the subsequent sales, relevant sellers can also pay attention to the market and local policy trends in a timely manner, adjust the commodity categories in a timely manner, facilitate consumers to provide products in a timely manner when they need them, and improve the sales of the store.

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