Another price increase! A large number of flights are suspended in one place, and the seller's goods are seriously stacked


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

Last month, there was a large-scale suspension on the US line. When some sellers doubted whether the sea freight would rise again, the air freight showed signs of rising.


Recently, the sea freight price has been somewhat stable. However, it is reported that the air freight price will face a new round of growth. Just yesterday, some freight forwarders reported that due to the new requirements of the epidemic, Hong Kong has begun to take new quarantine measures, which has led to a serious accumulation of sellers' goods.


It is reported that the new quarantine requires the company to isolate21 days, due to the shortage of personnel, a large number of flights will be cancelled. Among them,Cathay Pacific AirlinesOr flights to Japan, Britain, India and other places will be cancelled.

The price of cross-border e-commerce has risen again! A large number of flights are suspended in one place, and the seller's goods are seriously stacked


After the cancellation of the flight, other airlines' space will also become limited, and the tightness of space to many places in Europe will be more obvious. As the multiple flights will be cancelled, some freight forwarders said that the price will rise next week.


It is understood that Emirates has also shown signs of suspension. Several flights in Hong Kong were cancelled this time, mainly because Hong Kong hasFour cases of Omikjon were confirmed, which led Hong Kong to adopt new quarantine measures.


Since the outbreak, countries have been greatly affected. This is true of air transportation and sea transportation. Some sellers said that their goods had not been delivered for a month, and they were very worried.

Cross border shipping and price increase! A large number of flights are suspended in one place, and the seller's goods are seriously stacked


In addition to air freight prices, handling charges also fluctuated. At the beginning of this month, Ningbo Zhoushan Port announced on its official website that, according to relevant requirementsRaise some empty containers10% handling charge。 Some insiders said that they could not rule out the possibility that many domestic ports would take the same measures later.


Whether the flight is canceled or the handling charge is raised, the seller will undoubtedly increase more costs. It has been two years since the outbreak of the epidemic, and the phenomenon of suspension of navigation and port has occurred frequently. Now its impact is still continuing. If the seller has goods, it is better to send them early. In addition, the seller should carefully review and make plans for the new year in advance.

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