On Instagram, the search volume of Dermaplaning beauty products increased by 621%


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On Instagram platform, search volume of Dermaplaning beauty products on e-commerce platform increased by 621%

InstagramBeauty onBeautyThere are many bloggers. When they recommend makeup or products, a large number of fans follow the trend and bring fireCosmeticsAnd brand. For example, Instagram letsDermaplaningrelevantSearch volume increased by 621%, becoming one of the hot trends.

1、 DermaplaningRelevant search volume increased by 621%

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,DermaplaningIs acosmetologyIt can remove skin cutin, dirt and vellus hair. stayInstagramOn,DermaplaningIt has been popular for some time. According to Beautymate,Every day, there arerelevantVideo uploadTo Instagram

However, sinceEpidemic HomeSince the beauty salon was closed,More people choose to do it at homeDermaplaningcosmetology.During this period, Treatwell reportscallThe search volume of Dermaplaning treatment skills increased by 621%.

A quick search on Instagram will revealContains“dermaplaning”Accounts with more thanHas200.Many users have fans in their comment boxes, and they share their views on this processMany people commentedexpressSee demappingofHow satisfactory the process is.

thisSome accounts may be further dividedEnjoyAboutdermaplaningBeauty videos forletdermaplaningBeauty has become a hot trend on Instagram

Most users have chosen WWD's favorite skin care toolI.eDesigned by Jenny PatinkinPure Luxury Skin Smoothing Trio tool。 Many instagram users like itThis product is because, the device is fully biodegradable and comes with three blade holders for $18.

On # demappingThis topiclowerMore than 218000PostsIt looks like theEveryone is trying this trend.

On Instagram platform, search volume of Dermaplaning beauty products on e-commerce platform increased by 621%

2、 Almond Eye LooksAlmond eyeMakeup)

Almond eye makeup, originally a beauty in ancient Egyptsecret, recently appeared in manyIInstagram beautyBlogger's gridsgridOn. There are always such questions in the comment columnWho would really put a spare almond in the makeup bag

andThis highly natural trendMakeupOnly two products are requiredAlmonds and lighters. In addition to using almonds ascosmetologyIn addition to productsSomeoneOn Instagram, use almond as the basic shape of eyeliner, place almond on the eyes, and draw the perfect wing shape. AdeleAdeleVogue in NovemberFashion magazinecoverletGoogleOn the websiteThe search volume of eyeliner tutorial increased by 9930%,

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,IInstagram users have different opinions. Some people comment on the interesting aspects of this trend, while others directly doubt why they should pay attentionhairthisspeciesThe blogger of the content.in any case,This trend is important for Generation ZIFor instagram usersprobablyIt's a good thing. 70% of them said that they like when the content is not perfect and more interesting.

The search volume of Dermaplaning beauty products on Instagram platform of cross-border e-commerce platform increased by 621%

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