What are the precautions for Amazon FBA cargo warehousing


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Modern people pay attention to service no matter where they buy things. Online platforms are also good. Not only the products are good, but also the delivery service is fast and good. Amazon FBA's logistics and distribution speed is first-class, which can not only reduce bad reviews but also improve sales. It is also the reason why many sellers are competing to join. At the same time, Amazon FBA also has strict requirements for goods warehousing to ensure that goods are delivered to users in a timely and rapid manner.

Amazon FBA is a self run one-stop service, which provides a lot of convenience to the seller. Amazon is responsible for all the products from picking, packaging, shipping, distribution and after-sales, saving a lot of time for the seller.

What are the precautions for Amazon FBA cargo warehousing

All goods are required to be labeled when they are warehoused in Amazon, and the labels are divided into outer box labels and product labels. The boxes should be labeled with national labels, such as "make
in China" and "FBA Label";

If the product is a suit, the label of "Do not remove the suit" shall also be affixed;

If the weight of the product is too large, an overweight label shall be affixed to avoid hurting the staff;

As an Amazon seller, Amazon FBA must clearly write the number of products when goods are warehoused to avoid causing problems for both the seller and the user. If the user receives the wrong number, they are likely to complain, so this phenomenon must be avoided;

FBAFor the FNSKU label starting with "X00", the seller must pay attention when printing the label, and should not print an error. If the error is likely to be returned, it will cause great trouble to the seller;

If the seller sells dangerous goods, they have to be strictly audited before they are warehoused, and they also need to submit a lot of relevant information to ensure that the information filled in is true and the audit time is different. If it is in Amazon's peak season, the audit time may be longer, more than 14 working days, so the seller must prepare in advance.

Amazon sellers can use Amazon FBA logistics to quickly improve product exposure, click through rate and conversion rate, while product sales will also increase significantly. If FBA is well done and FBA is used for delivery, Amazon will give sellers a certain tendency to traffic. If the seller is well optimized in all aspects, the traffic in the future is unpredictable.

Lanhaiyiguan reminds the seller that although Amazon FBA Logistics has first-class delivery speed, it can effectively reduce after-sales and bad reviews, but the price is relatively expensive. The seller should decide whether to choose according to the specific situation, and pay attention to the details when Amazon FBA goods are warehoused.

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