The sustainable shopping craze keeps going, and the search volume of eBay's black five refurbished products has increased by 1800%!


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

According to the analysis of sales on Black Friday this year, people are keen to shop in a more sustainable way.stayOn eBay, compared with the Black Five of the previous year, the search volume of certified refurbished products has increased by 1800%!Sales of refurbished goods are more popular than ever before.


Among them, refurbished mobile phones and mattresses are the most popular among consumers. AndCompared with the Black Five in 2020, the search volume of renovated mattresses has increased by 12%, and the search volume of renovated mobile phones has increased by 100%; Refurbished products account for 40% of sales in the technology and media categories.


The increase in sales of refurbished products not only indicates that people have a deeper recognition of the concept of sustainable shopping, but also indicates that consumers' trust in the quality of such products has gradually increased.andThe hot sales of eBay's refurbished products in the Black Fifth Middle School also indicated that their previous certification and refurbishment plans had aroused the resonance of consumers.


The general manager of eBay UK said:“Enterprises selling refurbished and upgraded products can also benefit from it, proving that more and more consumers areEBay shopping for more sustainable shopping.According to the growth trend we have seen, it is expected that the black fifth refurbished products will dominate next year and become the best-selling products.


In addition to forecasts for the refurbishment industry,EBay also summarized other sales of the Black Friday this year.


During the Black Five,91% of the goods sold on eBay are from small business sellers.Compared with the previous week, sales of small business sellers increased during the Black Five7%。


Compared with last year's Black Friday, consumers spent more on some special commodities this year8%, indicating that consumers are still keen on low price goods. And between 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning, consumers spend the most money on the website.


In addition, household and horticultural products are still favored by consumers, and they are the largest vertical products during the Black Five Year Plan period, accounting for28.5%。 Small business sellers are still outstanding in this category, accounting for more than 24% of sales.


According to the general manager of eBay in the UK, most of the products sold on eBay this year came from small business sellers. The sales results achieved during the Black Friday Festival are a "shot in the arm" for more than 300000 small and medium-sized enterprises on eBay on Christmas Eve.


according toAccording to eBay's report, it is expected that small and medium-sized enterprise sellers on eBay will also achieve ideal sales results during Christmas.

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