How to handle and avoid returns from Amazon FBA


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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How to handle and avoid the return of cross-border information from Amazon FBA

The most troublesome thing for Amazon sellers is the return of goods. They have done a lot of preparatory work in the early stage, including selecting products, promoting products, and participating in various instant sales promotions. It was not easy to welcome a big increase in sales, but suddenly they received a lot of returns. I believe that every seller is unwilling to see them,Amazon FBA returnsHow to handle.

Of course, there are various reasons for users to return goods. Some are simply not like it, some may be product quality problems, some may be due to the discrepancy between the physical object and the picture, and some may be due to product or packaging problems.

AmazonHow to handle FBA returns

For Amazon FBA returns, the buyer has received the goods and the buyer has not received the goods. The two methods are different.

1. Buyer receives goods

For the buyer who has received the goods, try to contact the buyer first, and then communicate again to see if it is possible to consider leaving the product. If the user insists on returning the goods, and if the price of the product is not high, the seller can choose to send it directly to the buyer, and at the same time leave a good impression. Maybe the buyer can leave a good comment on the review;

If the product price is too high, the normal return process will be followed. After the user applies, the seller will return the money to the buyer according to the normal process.

2、The buyer has not received the goods

If the buyer has not received the goods, it means that the goods are still on the way to delivery or have not been delivered. Try to communicate whether the buyer can decide whether to return the goods after the products are received. If you like the goods, you can leave the products. If you really don't like the goods after receiving them, you can directly apply for returning the goods, and the seller can follow the normal return process.

How to avoid Amazon FBA returns

As an Amazon seller, how can we avoid more returns? First of all, we should do a good job in product quality. We should not make fake products with poor quality. This return rate is extremely high;

Also, the product packaging should be as good as possible. For example, there should be no damage. You can make some creative paintings on the packaging, or the seller's signature, or thoughtful words and other creative outer packaging to improve the user experience and reduce returns;

The seller should reply to the buyer's information in a timely manner, generally within 24 hours;

In addition, we must do a good job in every detail of listing. For example, the pictures should be of high quality, and the product has no functions. We should not exaggerate the publicity on the pictures or words, which is likely to cause more returns.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that to solve the problem of Amazon FBA returns, they must first start with basic work, such as strict product quality control, followed by consideration of service and packaging, and a lot of details to prevent more returns.

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