How does Amazon FBA charge monthly storage fees


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How to charge the monthly storage fees of Amazon FBA, a cross-border e-commerce platform

Amazon FBA includes many fees, such as order fees, storage fees, first journey fees, etc. How does Amazon FBA charge storage fees, including Amazon FBAMonthly storage feeWhat is the charge standard.

For Amazon sellers, as long as they choose Amazon FBA, there will be warehousing fees, which can be divided into monthly warehousing fees and long-term warehousing fees.

The monthly storage fee of Amazon FBA must be paid by the seller every month. Therefore, only when the seller has a detailed understanding of the charging standard, can the Amazon store become better and better.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan, the storage fee of Amazon mainly depends on the space occupied by the product and the time spent in the Amazon warehouse. According to the length of time, there are monthly storage fees and long-term storage fees.

AmazonHow about FBA's monthly storage fee

Amazon's monthly storage fees are influenced by various factors according to different products.

Amazon FBA's monthly storage fees are generally based on the number of products, product size, product attributes and standard charges.

The quantity of products is well understood, that is, the quantity stored in the Amazon warehouse. Generally speaking, the inventory is flowing during the sales period. When there is an inflow and an outflow, the average quantity is usually taken every month, which is also called the daily average quantity of goods;

The product attributes are well understood. Because the categories of products are different, such as dangerous goods and non dangerous goods, the transportation and storage of dangerous goods are risky, so the storage cost of dangerous goods will be higher than that of non dangerous goods;

The size of a product is the size of the product. Generally, when Amazon charges storage fees, it has a specified size. If it exceeds the standard size, the cost will increase;

Standard charges are based on Amazon's fixed charging standards. For example, January September is a charging standard, October December is a charging standard, and the product is stored for several months.

Generally, the standard size commodities from January to September are 0.75 dollars per cubic foot;

Large items, 0.48 dollars per cubic foot.

From October to December, standard size goods, 2.40 dollars per cubic foot;

Large items, 1.20 dollars per cubic foot.

Monthly storage fees vary from month to month. For example, the storage fees from October to December are higher than those in previous months. Because of activities like Christmas, the warehouses are almost full.

The monthly storage fee is calculated per cubic foot, which is generally converted into per cubic foot according to the length, width and height of the product.

AmazonHow FBA charges the monthly storage fee is related to the size and volume of the product, the month and time of storage, and the attributes of the product. Try to set the product and time to avoid high costs.

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