How does Amazon charge long-term storage fees and how to avoid long-term storage fees


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How to charge long-term storage fees of cross-border information Amazon, and how to avoid long-term storage fees

The ultimate goal of doing business is to improve the sales of products, but it is inevitable that various problems will occur, resulting in excessive inventory and overstock in the warehouse. If the seller chooses Amazon FBA, and the storage time in the warehouse is too long, there will beAmazon long-term storage fee

The long-term storage charge is calculated according to the occupied volume and storage time of the product, and the longer the storage time is, the higher the cost will be.

What is Amazon's long-term storage fee

In AmazonFor goods stored in the FBA warehouse for more than 6 months to 12 months, long-term storage fees will be charged, with a charge standard of 6-12 months. For goods stored in the FBA warehouse for more than 12 months, including 12 months, each cubic foot will be charged.

How about Amazon's long-term storage fees

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that Amazon charges long-term storage fees every yearOn February 15 and August 15, all inventories were counted and charged products were determined.

Amazon stipulates that the long-term storage fee for 6-12 months is US $11.25 per cubic foot;

The long-term storage charge for products over 12 months including 12 months is 22.5 dollars per cubic foot.

How to charge and avoid long-term storage fees on the e-commerce platform Amazon

How to avoid long-term storage fees of Amazon

If you want to avoid Amazon's long-term storage fees, you must first find out the reason why the product cannot be sold, orThe listing page has errors and other reasons.

If the product exposure is low and the goods are overstocked, we need to find ways to improve the sales of products, such as participating in Amazon's Seckill BD, LD, DOTD, etc., which can improve the traffic and product sales, and avoid excessive storage fees;

If the product price is too high, you can reduce the price or try to sell it at half price, clear up the excessive inventory in time, and try to avoid excessive storage fees, especially the long-term storage fees of Amazon;

If the price of the product is not high and the quantity is not too large, it can be timely discarded before Amazon clears the inventory, which can also exempt the long-term storage fee;

If it is a problem of stock, the seller should make great efforts to manage the inventory, and should not stock too much. If the product sales are not good, the goods will become more and more overstocked. The inventory quantity should be properly controlled, otherwise excessive storage fees will be incurred.

Blue Ocean Yiguan reminds sellers that there are many factors that affect Amazon's long-term storage fees. When choosing products, sellers should try to avoid large items. If the sales volume is too low for a long time, long-term storage fees will be incurred.

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