OnBuy and PayPal establish a long-term partnership


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

With the development of e-commerce industry and the platform itself,OnBuy is no longer limited to the local market, but has been preparing for international expansion, such as product improvement and localized payment.


Recently,OnBuyAnnouncing andPayPalThe two sides signed a new two-year agreement,It also upgraded to the latestPayPal business platform. This upgradePayPal providesHasNew simplified checkout processcomeImproved customer paymentsprocess, forPayPal and debit/credit card payments provide a simple and secure order fulfillment experience.


For sellers, the capitalThe security on PayPal is more guaranteed,Can be used to transfer money easily or directly fromPayPal balance pays the fee.


Newly signed transactionsyesOnBuy is an important milestone for international growth. It expands the customer range of its merchants, and at the same time, it can attract new sellers in the international market through global trust and familiar payment solutions. In addition, the improved platform will provide access to more payment solutions, credit solutions and other major products provided by PayPal.


Global support will also include localized payment options, which means businesses and customers can get a simplified user experience becauseOnBuy is ready for multi currency, multi language and multi country expansion.


In this regard,OnBuy said that“We are a partner of retailers and proud to be a platform based on fairness and transparency.OnBuy is changing the way the market serves retailers. We know that if we can provide what retailers need to thrive, we can provide our customers with the best choice.


It is reported that during the period of Black Five NetworksSince November 20, OnBuy has successfully achieved a year-on-year growth of 30%. Earlier this year, it also completed a financing of 35 million yuan. Later, it has also continuously increased its investment in all aspects, invited well-known sellers to settle in, and expanded new markets.


This time withPayPal's cooperation will promoteOnBuyThe expansion to the international market should not be underestimated.


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