A freight forwarder can earn a suite in Shenzhen every month! How can cross-border e-commerce get out of the logistics dilemma?


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How can cross-border logistics develop better?


In recent years, cross-border e-commerce exports have ushered in a period of rapid development. As an indispensable part of the entire export chain, logistics is growing at an alarming rate. The topic of cross-border logistics has also been hotly discussed. There is a popular saying in the market:

The shipping company engaged in cross-border logistics has made a lot of moneyThe ability of relevant practitioners to attract money has also been greatly increased, and the situation of earning a suite in Shenzhen also exists this year……


Is cross-border logistics a very lucrative business? Whether making money or not, there is a lot of chaos in the logistics circle,In recent years, many cross-border logistics companies have been rumored to run away after receiving goods at low prices. After running away, they continue to operate in a vest... This not only damages the rights and interests of cross-border sellers, but also has a negative impact on the overall reputation of the logistics industry. All kinds of chaos force cross-border practitioners to think deeply:How can cross-border logistics better serve the seller group?


For all kinds of topics widely discussed in the logistics circleGeneral Manager of Category B Business DepartmentDai BinGave their own views.


Does anyone earn a suite in Shenzhen?


It is reported that Mr. Dai is cross-borderB2B and cross-border B2C industries have been engaged in for nearly 20 years, serving nearly 5000 enterprises of all types, proficient in overseas marketing strategies, and good at cross-border supply chain operation management.


When he first entered the cross-border market, Mr. Dai was a cross-border platform operator,Cross borderPlatformto Bandto C operations have all been done. With the deepening understanding of the industry, Mr. Dai's identity has gradually changed into a logistics practitioner.


From a cross-border platform operator to a cross-border logistics practitioner, Mr. Dai has his own considerations,Logistics is more about service, it canthoroughTo transactedessenceAnd with the increasing proportion of international logistics in the whole cross-border transaction, I think logistics is indispensableAnd very importantPart of the, soThe transformation of cross-border e-commerce industry identity,actuallyalsoIt is a change in the perception and view of the industry.


Now, with the increasing cost of cross-border logistics, the profits of cross-border sellers are also"Cannibalization". Many sellers call it hard to survive. In sharp contrast to the situation of sellers, it is generally believed that logistics practitioners earn a lot,"Freight forwarders earn a suite in Shenzhen" and other expressions are popular.


Cross border e-commerce has freight forwarders to earn a suite in Shenzhen every month! How can cross-border e-commerce get out of the logistics dilemma?


Is cross-border logistics really so profitable? In the opinion of President Dai, the cross-border logistics industry is like a besieged city. People outside want to go in and people in the city want to come out. In the past two years, there have beenMany logistics service providers have made a lot of money,There are also cases of earning a suite in Shenzhen every month,When information asymmetry resources are scarceCross border logisticsThroughout the chain,Not only the head level agent, but also there will be people in every link"Get rich overnight".


In addition to the fact that the industry itself is in the dividend period, it is not ruled out that the logistics practitioners make profits by using information asymmetry. However, with the advent of the post epidemic era, on the one hand, the logistics links are more transparent, on the other hand, the logistics resources are more open, and the development of the cross-border logistics industry is more mature and rational. At this time, if the cross-border logistics practitioners want to achieve long-term development, Everything should return to the business and service itself,The ultimate goal is to provide logistics services in a down-to-earth manner


Logistics costs remain high, where are the cost reduction and efficiency enhancement methods


President Dai is good at cross-border supply chain operation and management. During the interview with Yeon.com, President Dai also gave his own opinions on how to do a good job in cross-border supply chain operation and management.


Mr. Dai thinks that the wholeCross border supply chainoperation managementShould befromCross border logistics, cross-border supply chain warehousing and cross-border supply chain finance3 partsconstituteCore of cross-border supply chain managementOn the one hand, logistics, on the other hand, product selection, and on the third handlie inTailingsperhapsInventory processingIf cross-border practitioners can understand these problemsIt will be profitable.


President Dai concluded that with the evolution and innovation of cross-border consumption, the demand of cross-border buyers and sellers has also jumped from the original basic service to a more comprehensive full link intelligent service, which will giveA large number of enterprises that can provide integrated solutions for cross-border supply chain, such as 4PX Delivery, bring new opportunities. It is reported that,Shenzhen Disifang Express Co., Ltd. was established inIn 2004, focusing on the development of cross-border e-commerce logistics, with IT technology and big data as the core driving force, through the global warehouse distribution network and terminal delivery network,provideInnovative and reliable logistics supply chain services have developed into a leading enterprise in the cross-border e-commerce logistics field.


Cross border information freight forwarders earn a suite in Shenzhen every month! How can cross-border e-commerce get out of the logistics dilemma?


In recent years, the cost of cross-border logistics remains high, and how to reduce costs and improve efficiency has become a common problem for export sellers,From the perspective of cross-border sellers,President Dai also gaveThree suggestions:


1. First, choice is importantWhether it's small bagsFBA, overseas warehouse stock orDomestic one piece distribution,Cross border sellers need toChoose the appropriate logistics mode according to your own actual situation


2. The second is to choose a stable service provider,Only stable service providers can be selected,Relatively speaking,The price will be stable, the timeliness will be guaranteed, and the cost will be optimal.


3. Understand the whole logistics link and make the logistics operation more transparent. Specifically, the seller should know which links are included in the whole cross-border logistics link, so as to know what services can be obtained from each link. It is worth noting that it is not easy to be familiar with the logistics full link operation, which requires sellers to spend time to accumulate capacity.


As for how to choose a better logistics service provider, Mr. Dai said in detail that,The price determines the service. The seller can't just ask for low prices.It is reported that during the epidemic, some bad practitioners in the logistics circle used low prices to disrupt the market in order to attract customers, the price quoted by Air Dispatch is as low as that of Shanghai DispatchAt such a low price, the logistics service will certainly not be good. This situation also reflects the current situation of the logistics community itself, which is mixed. Therefore, if cross-border sellers want to find high-quality logistics service providers, they should not only consider the price, but also consider the comprehensive service capabilities of logistics service providers,And respect for service is a good logistics experience.


"At the same time, the cross-border logistics industry can better develop to better serve the seller groupNeed to make cross-border logistics chains more transparent, while the cross-border logistics practitioners adhere to their original intentions,Refined operation”President Dai said that the whole cross-border logistics industry is entering the stage of technological logistics and capital logistics,If logistics service providers onlyrely onInformation Asymmetry earnPrice differenceIt is certainly not a long-term plan to make money by other means.


If you still have more cross-border logistics doubts to solve and want to talk with President Dai face to face, you can come to Yien Zhengzhou Conference.On December 13, the first 2021 Mid China Cross border E-Commerce Seller Brand Sailing Summit hosted by Yeon.com,Di Sifang Vice PresidentGeneral Manager of Category B Business DepartmentDai BinThe theme will beNew opportunities for cross-border logistics in the post epidemic era”The wonderful sharing of, you canScan the QR code belowSign up for this conference and enter the site for learning and exchange.


Cross border information freight forwarders earn a suite in Shenzhen every month! How can cross-border e-commerce get out of the logistics dilemma?


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