Why do small and medium-sized sellers work harder than others?


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

(This document isContributed by "Seven Brothers of Cross border Sellers")


The boss who was born in sales often did not manage well:


There are two kinds of Amazon seller bosses: one is technologybirth, like our head seller Anke, who seems to be a Google engineerbirth, andA kind of occupationmajorityofLike Brother Seven, salesbirth.


What are the characteristics of a boss who comes from sales? The boss from a sales background hates the norm. He needs to be quick (as soon as the pictures are stolen from Taobao, Tmall, and JD). Because Qige has been working for Amazon for so many years, he thinks that winning the market is the core, and quickly dominating the Amazon category is the core. Shipping, launching, dominating the screen, making money by breaking orders, hurry up, like the currentFive of them are ours. Hurry up. You don't have to call me the boss. I don't care. Just call me Brother Seven instead of the boss. Therefore, the senior brothers in the same industry of Amazon should realize that the company where the boss came from is not so standardized, and even calling is not so standardized. Brother Zhang and Sister Li are not so standardized.The boss is a sales company. People don't listen to the system, they listen to others.It all depends on loud voice, but it has developed toWhen there were more than 100 people, Brother Seven found that the voice was not very good. Is it because the voice has not been well protected for so many years and the volume has not been improved? At that time, I found that the voice could not be transmitted to the last row. It's not easy to develop because it challenges the inertia of Brother Seven. Because when Seven Brothers mentioned standardization, process and systematization, the head was buzzing, and the company was too big to deal with it! The sound cannot reach the last row.


Introduce standardized process to make the company stronger and larger


1、Say goodbye to a single talent and turn a few excellent people into all excellent ones:Amazon's current problems are generally limited to the principle of "two or eight". The order sales are always in a few fixed operators, which means that the boss is kidnapped by the operators. Base salary+When the commission reaches a certain stage, the salary structure will fall apart. For example, when the profit reaches $1 million, the employee will get a salary of about $100000. Since I have a start-up capital of 100000 dollars, what kind of work can I give your boss (it's human nature, and all operations have the heart of being a boss)?Amazon's operation is not what the boss predicted. The knowledge level of operation is only the sales level.A lot of sales go out on their own, without knowing that Amazon is a heavy asset platform, with payment for goods, logistics costs and capital pledge14 days, there is a withdrawal period, etc., because you will probably need 3000 goods in circulation for 100 daily orders. It's not as simple as we thought. It's not as simple as getting the money back the day after the product is sold. It's a company's operating system problem. Every system is a flow of funds, and every process cannot make mistakes. An error in a link is likely to result in goods not being sold or the capital chain breaking. Therefore, the promotion channel process of employees, the reasonable benefit distribution process, and the corporate culture process construction (need to be embedded in the company process). We need to gradually build up the Amazon boss, otherwise the longer the delay, the deeper the problem.


2、Changing firefighters into coaches:Before the enterprise has no process, have you ever felt that repeated problems and simple problems make repeated mistakes. There are several problems in the operation of the whole company every day, and we become the people who solve the problems every day. At this time, we are likely to fall into the trap, and time is not enough. The harder we work, the luckier we are. Some bosses hold the words of Boss Xiao every day:"Why do you come to Shenzhen after work at ten o'clock?" As my motto. The process is like a traffic light crossing the street. It looks like a mechanized indicator light, but there is no traffic jam immediately; The process is like a navigator, without which you will take a wrong path; The process is like the eight channels of traditional Chinese medicine. As long as the veins are not connected, people will get sick.


3、Change accidental success into inevitable success:Quite a few operators and bosses have encountered such problems. One product went on sale without knowing how to sell it. The boss asked the operator to sum up experience and operation without saying one, two or three things. It seems that this is God's will. Could it be that my family's feng shui just sold out!!! There is no reason for western enterprises to become stronger and larger. It is absolutely quantifiable, measurable and heritableIt has been growing for 100 years. How can a thinking company with a little salt, less water and more ginger and garlic change from accidental success to inevitable success? Here, Qige simply takes the Amazon operation page as an example: sales=exposure * click rate * conversion rate * customer price. Let's take the click through rate as an example. For example, if the click through rate of an advertisement reaches 1%, it can be regarded as a standard. At this time, we can look at the background advertisement page to see whether the click through rate of an advertisement in recent years has reached the standard. If the click through rate has not reached the standard, we can see whether our price is too high, the main map is unattractive, and the star level is not up to the standard. A good process must be simple, professional, and standardized.


All the stronger and larger enterprises must be supported by the standard process system. How can Amazon sellers get rid of accidental success and become inevitable success? No longer burning incense, worshiping Buddha, seeking wealth and wealth in danger? The process is in charge of affairs and the system is in charge of people. Companies without processes have introduced a lot of systems, which will eventually lead to companies that are neither strong nor weak.

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