99% of Amazon sellers don't know the "Sakata game"


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

(This document isContributed by "Seven Brothers of Cross border Sellers")

"Sakata Play" is the play of the seller in the Qing Dynasty:

Old Lord Wu Sangui, the Seventh Brother didn't introduce much, and it has been hot for nearly half a year. Everyone knew in their hearts that they were well off. In the Qing Dynasty, the seventh brother could only sigh that Wu Sangui was wrongedIn the 21st century, I didn't lead the Qing army to enter the customs and didn't molest Li Siting, a beautiful girl in Shenzhen. It was helpless. Almost half a year later, the old lord asked me to correct his name for the seventh brother in a dream.


Well polish the product (how to polish the product for the next decomposition). Is it unpleasant to continue to be happy and earn money?


For myselfHave you no confidence in the products developed in three months? If you have no confidence, why should you let him pass the development process? Afraid that their products are not competitive, why let them ship? Where are the standards for developing products? Do you have relatives in the United States? If there is a problem with product quality, what if the data collected is false?


Did Wu Sangui form in a day? Of course not. Many senior brothers of Amazon sellers are in this mood when they see that others have broken the evaluation:


Story 1: Mommy! The Li Wuxing from Sakata is the first cabinet of new products to be sent out. He first evaluates1000 more, he really brushed it up! The stable 1000+five-star evaluation is hanging, which is in the top 3 rows of Amazon's big word search list. I'm excited, I regret it! It's just that the operation didn't listen to me. They arranged for you to brush. The execution is poor.


Story 2: In these days, you are waiting to die if you don't brush off the odds. Look at the Four Heavenly Kings in South China City and the big tigers in Sakada. Which one is not safe? In terms of resources, we are a little less than others. I have friends who work there and ask about them. They are all real person evaluations. Many of them are ordinary people found on social platforms, and as long as they are real people, they cannot be machine brushes. Let it out one dayAfter the 100+evaluation volume is promoted, the annual sales volume will be stable!


What are you waiting for? Although we don't have so many products, the number of live evaluations is not as large as others', so we should give it to me steadily one dayFor the five evaluations, the continuous new product launch period must be continued for me. If I can't grasp it, it will be over the new product launch period.


Story 3: I'm worried to death! So many Amazon sellers have joined this year, and I am almost killed by them. How can I achieve this year's goal? Look, Li Siting, the female boss of Longhua, is so strong and decisive! We only choose Red Sea products to play with the Auspicious Three Treasures. Anyway, we don't plan to make money on the front counters of products. I heard, andThe task of the evaluation and promotion team with 20 people is to send 10 evaluation sheets every day. They basically ignore the existence of small sellers, so they can't get involved in her. Few people dare to brush like that in terms of size and playing method. It's said that they have made tens of millions of net profits this year. Brother Seven, I can't help it. I don't have a single ticket without brushing!


It is illegal to swipe the bill. Please abide by national laws:

The confused seller is also a person! It is human nature that people will seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. They will think seven times and eight times, follow others and learn from monkeys. The seventh brother is always the seventh brother in everyone's mind, and will not just say the problem without saying the method (personal view does not apply to non sales Amazon boss). The seventh brother's ideas are as follows:


1: It is illegal to swipe the bill, please abide by the national laws。 Don't think it's OK to brush foreign platforms, but if we catch the prison in China, we will have enough food.


strengthen one's belief"Take the right path"。 Once people have no faith, they think about taking shortcuts every day, and they can't persist in doing anything else. For example, it didn't take two days to give up the habit of reading. Fan Deng renews the fee every yearThe 365 yuan of knowledge money has not been earned back, and the senior brothers' sellers have taken their seats accordingly.


"Follow the right path" into the corporate cultureSay and repeat every day, do simple things repeatedly, and repeat things as singing. Like herbal tea=Wang Laoji Gift=Brain Platinum Amazon Operation=Follow the Right Way to Promote=Don't Pay the Order.


Long termism”: All senior sellers believe that their products can be sold in Amazon for three years. Do you have three years of positioning and are pursuing the explosive products in three months? The bald brother-in-law's business empire did not start in three months. The first 15 years were not profitable! The lotus in the pond did not bloom all over the pond three days ago. The bald brother-in-law was the richest man, and his skeleton was not strange in the first three months of life. His beautiful face was considered to be able to achieve great things in the future. Therefore, Brother Seven suggested that you should hold your breath, store more food, build a wall, and be king!


Once the sun rises, it is still the same as the sky!

Wu San Counter is notZhang Sanfeng did not come out of nothing in one day, Aobai did not come out in one day, and Zheng Chenggong did not recover Taiwan in one day. Go ahead! Elder martial brothers, are we unhappy about making money together? Brother Seven is a person who likes history and philosophy. He believes in causality and his soul will be revealed in a later article.It is not our ability to get caught up in Wu Sanark and Zhang Sanfeng. Our ability is reflected in the platform closure. Whether we can rebirth from nirvana under the uncertainty of Sino US trade. To borrow a poem by Zhu Yuanzhang: snow presses the branches low, although it is not low enough to touch the mud, and the sun rises once it is red, it is still in harmony with the sky!                                

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