Manage online stores through mobile phones! TikTok seller application is coming


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

According to foreign mediaA report by TechCrunch on Monday showed that TikTok launched the Seller App in Indonesia on Friday, providing new support for sellers to carry out platform sales business through mobile devices, including registration, inventory management, order processing, online business analysis, etc.


The report shows that the seller canThe TikTok Seller program conducts its business, manages promotional activities, provides customer service, and accesses seller tutorial materials, and references the listing list of applications. At present, TikTok has carried out several shopping pilot projects in Indonesia.


TikTok spokesman said that the platformWe have been looking for ways to enhance the user community experience, and regularly testing new features that stimulate user creativity and improve the application experience.


"The brand on TikTok has found a creative channel that can really connect with the audience. The platform will continue to try new business opportunities to help community users find and participate in the things they love."


It is understood that,TikTok launched a seller's university for sellers in the Indonesian market earlier this year, which proved to be one of the many tests of its e-commerce solutions at that time.


The platform also launched a set ofTikTok shopping tool, which allows merchants to add shopping tabs on their TikTok profile page and display synchronized product catalogs in the mini store.


last week,TikTok also launched the Creator Next service, which allows creators to unlock tools to reward their efforts on social media platforms. Creator Next and other new features allow community users to express their gratitude to creators, including Tips and video gifts.


Tips allows users to express their thanks to the creators. The creators will get 100% reward, and the payment will be supported by Stripe. The video gift allows the creators to collect diamonds worth 5 cents through live broadcast and video release.


In addition,TikTok also opened the TikTok Creator Market (TTCM) to more users through Creator Next, allowing qualified creators with 10000 or more fans to register in the market, so as to have the opportunity to cooperate with brands that match their style and interests.

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