The average warehouse rent in the United States increased by 25%


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

A new report shows that,During the epidemic, warehouse rents in the United States were rising sharply. Some warehouse tenants who have signed contracts for many years have to face the situation of rent increase when renewing their contracts.


according toU.S.AReal estate company CB Richard EllisRecently released by the GroupA reportcall, rental price ratio of industrial real estateLong term previously signedclosewithAverage price rise ofHas25%。


The important reasons for the price increase areDue to the strong consumer demand and the surge of e-commerce business, the distribution space is boomingRising costs are alsoExpand tothoseCustomers with long-term contracts,Make them face it tooThe impact of rising warehousing costs. John Morris, Head of CBRE Industries and LogisticsSaid that theyNever seenhaveSo highrentincreaserate


CBRE said in an earlier report that in the third quarter of the United StatesWarehouseAverage vacancy rate from last year's4.3% to 3.6%, yessinceThe lowest level since 2002.andThe space of major distribution centers such as Southern California's Inland Empire is particularly tight, with the recent vacancy rate therealreadyDescend toHas0.7%。


meanwhile, Q3WarehouseLease rateIt is also on the rise, up from the same period last year10.4%ProfitableRising in high demand areasThe performance is more obvious。 In central New Jersey, Philadelphia, and inland near Los Angeles and Long Beach portsregionToday's warehouserentalreadythanLease in 2016goldhighHasMore than 60%.


The increase in warehouse rent is part of the increase in the cost of the entire supply chainIn the past year,From raw material price toThe cost of the whole supply chain is increasing from the freight to the rental of the warehouse.


CBREsenior executiveMorrisexpress, warehousing usually accounts for4% to 6%,thisFar more than labor and transportation costsBut customers can hardly do anything in the face of these rising warehousing costs.


Many retailers and manufacturers willRisingThe supply chain costs are transferred to customers,This has also contributed to the record high inflation rate in the United States.

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