European Christmas is very likely to be threatened by "Omicron"


Source: ennews

Recently,britainLondonAnd DenmarkThe number of Omicron variants has increased dramatically,exacerbateDespite the travel banImplemented in many countriesBut people stillNew blockade before vacationfullworry.


nowadaysAt least45 countries found thisnew typeCoronavariationVirus, the United States and most parts of Europe have reported some new cases in recent days.


It is understood that,The UK Health and Safety Agency confirmed on Sunday that,at presentI've found it246 casesPatients infected with mutant virusandDenmark, the local health authority confirmed that183 casesThese figures"Worry".


The director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota said:"In the next few weeks, we will see a lot of big data around the world." "This virus is like a highly contagious respiratory virus."


Early evidence suggests that the virus may spread faster thanDelta variantThe virus spreads faster."Once you find someone infected," "then you start looking at their contacts or their environment, and you'll find more."


President of the National Tropical Medicine School of Baylor Medical CollegeDr. Peter said that the number of Omicron cases known is very small, and it is difficult to know how big the growth in Britain and Denmark is. He said that of the approximately 44000 new coronavirus cases that occur in the UK every day on average, hundreds are still "a small part".


Even before the discovery of new varieties, some public health experts warned that travel restrictions in most parts of Europe——Some of them are against Omicron - still not enough to prevent a surge in coronavirus cases has occurred.


Some people regret what they say is the cost of the country's lax vigilance. They criticize the failure to reintroduce restrictions such as wearing masks indoors and keeping social distance, and remind people to isolate when they are exposed to viruses.


In some parts of the United StatessurenoticeThe number of Omicron cases continues to grow. The variety has been found in at least 16 statesAmericans are also starting to get more nervous.


Omicron virus was first found in southern Africa in late November. Zambia, together with South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria and Ghana, became the latest African country to report cases.


Since its emergence, many travel restrictions have been imposed, including in the United States and Europe, in an attempt to slow its spread.

Nevertheless, some European governments are still reluctant to implement comprehensive domestic restrictions before travel and large gatherings, and many people stillabsorbedRestrict travel abroad or require more testing of travellers.

So far, the British government has told the public to carry out their holiday plans as usual, although it has urged people to strengthen injections. British Deputy Prime Minister Dominique·In an interview with the BBC on Sunday, Rab called this the "most reliable defense". "Our message is: Enjoy Christmas this year," he said. "The launch of the vaccine means that we have the ability to do so."


Head of Danish Public Health AgencyHenrik Ullum said that, given that 183 people had tested positive, he now expected the variety to spread locally.


With the overall surge in cases, European countries have taken measures to curb social contact in recent days.Belgium requires people to work at home and orders schools to close Christmas one week early; Italy prohibits non vaccinated people from participating in certain leisure activities; Ireland has closed nightclubs and restricted parties. thereforeThe Omicron strain may be a threat to Christmas in Europe this year.


Germany has banned people who have not been vaccinated from entering most public life. The German government has been hesitant to implement government orders around the pandemic, which shows the seriousness of the situation and plans to force vaccination next year.


Some countries have seen resistance to restrictions. In Austria, tens of thousands of people marched on Saturday for the second weekend in a row to protest the government's decision to implement a strict new blockade and its vaccine authorization plan.


Michael Ryan, head of the emergency program of the World Health Organization, said at a news conference last week that European countries should take more preventive measures to protect their people this autumn.

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