Competing with eBay, Amazon enters the collection industry


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

Amazon is entering the collection industry, andEBay competes on the same platform.


According to foreign media,Amazon recently investedDibbs. It is understood that the company, founded in 2020, is a sports collection trading platform.This investment marks Amazon's first involvement in the field of sports collections


However, Amazon andDibbs did not disclose the investment amount, but Dibbs obtained a round A financing of 16 million dollars in July this year. stayDibbsAnnouncing the acquisition of Amazon investment, it also announced the launch of"Sell With Dibbs" function.


According to the introduction, this function usesNFT (Non homogenous Token) technology divides the ownership of a collection to multiple users. The launch of "Sell With Dibbs" allows the owner of the collection to trade part of the ownership of the collection to obtain funds while retaining part of the ownership of the collection.


Users can put their collections inFor transactions on the Dibbs platform, during this period, users need to give their collections to Dibbs for safekeeping, and Dibbs will also provide insurance for them. Users can not only sell the ownership of the collection at one time, but also sell part of the ownership of the collection, similar to the stock market. The owner of the collection can fully control the sales price and ownership ratio. For each transaction completed by the seller, Dibbs will get 2.9% of the handling fee.


adopt"Sell With Dibbs", on the one hand,someone elseCan obtain collectionproductofpartShare. On the other hand, sellers can use their collectionsproductreap profit. If anyone gets the collection100% ownership, they canrequirementDibbs mailed his collection to himself


Previously,PWCC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), the main seller on eBay, also launched the service of consignment transaction. However, PWCC only allows the one-time sale of collectibles, and does not support the sale of partial ownership.Before that,Collection trading is not an area of concern for Amazon, its e-commerce competitorsEBay is a long-term leader in this field, but this time, Amazon is ahead of eBay.


Since this year, Amazon has been constantly moving into new areas, opening offline physical stores and entering the collection market. Amazon's financial report and relevant data show that Amazon's market growth has slowed down, which may be due to Amazon's constantOne of the reasons for "broken circle".

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