The demand for Christmas online shopping in the UK has surged and the market potential is huge


Author:Liu Mengyuan
Source: ennews

It is reported thatThrasio has conducted extensive research on consumer behavior and consumption patterns. Research shows that the proportion of British consumers who choose to do Christmas shopping online has greatly increased.


It is reported that the companyA survey of 2000 British consumers shows that 48% of Christmas goods will be purchased online this year, with the oldest and youngest age groups experiencing the largest growth.


among42%Consumers aged 18-24 will choose online shopping (34% in 2019), and 41% of consumers over 65 will choose online shopping (33% in 2019). Consumers aged 35-44 lead with 51% (46% in 2019).


When the consumer group is further subdivided, the data shows that49% of consumers will buy more than half of Christmas products online, up from 40% during the last epidemic free Christmas period in 2019. At the same time, 16% of the 2000 respondents plan to buy at least three quarters of Christmas products online.


Research shows, Christmas in 2021 may be a high consumption holiday. Nearly a quarter of respondents said that they would spend more than twice as much on gifts and celebrations as usual. In contrast, only 16% of respondents said they would reduce their spending.


43% of respondents aged 18-24 and 32% of respondents aged 25-34 said they planned to spend more than 2020. Among them, Northern Ireland spent the most, 765 pounds per person, Wales 671 pounds, London 598 pounds, and East Anglians spent the least, 480 pounds.


All indications indicate that online sales during the festival will be the largest ever. The supply chain problem and the accelerated development of e-commerce, as well as the consumption rebounded from the recession last Christmas, mean that consumers plan to spend more money, spend money earlier, and choose to spend money online.


Research data also shows that online purchases will increase within two years10%, half of the population will buy nearly half of the goods online - this is a profound change in consumer behavior, among which the younger generation has the largest change in consumer behavior. Importantly, this growth is not just in the UK, but across all demographics and regions.

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