Amazon Brand Authorization 10: What is it, how to obtain it, and how to use it?


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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Cross border e-commerce Amazon brand authorization 10 Ask: What is it, how to obtain it, and how to use it?

I believe sellers have a lot of questions about Amazon brand authorization, especially novice sellers who have just entered the Amazon platform.

In particular, some products can only be sold on Amazon after being authorized by the brand, otherwise they will cause infringement and receive infringement complaints.

10 Questions and Answers on Amazon Brand Authorization

1. What is Amazon's power of attorney?

By applying for a power of attorney, Amazon can ensure that only authorized people can manage the seller's account on behalf.

The power of attorney must clearly display the enterprise name and contact name, which shall come into force after being signed by the company's legal representative.

2. How to obtain authorization to sell branded products on Amazon?

Log in to Seller Central in Amazon Seller Center, click the "Inventory" tab, select "Add a Product", search for the product you want to sell, find the "Listing limits apply" link corresponding to the desired product in the search results, and click the "Request Approval" button to start applying for authorization.

3. What is the brand authorization?

As the name implies, the brand authorization is that the brand authorizes dealers, retailers or resellers to sell brand products on Amazon.

The brand authorization letter can prove the authenticity of the supplier and brand owner.

4. Which products need to be approved in advance for sale on Amazon?

There are some categories that can only be sold on the shelves after being approved by Amazon, including collection coins, personal safety and household products, entertainment collections, art works, jewelry, etc.

In particular, ifToys and game products sold in the peak season, which needs to be approved in advance.

5. Which brands are sold on Amazon?

For restricted brands, the seller shall obtain approval before launching the products of the brand.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that this may be a restriction on the sale of the whole brand or some products of the brand.

Typical restricted brands include Adidas, Apple, Bose, Levi's and MAC Beauty.

6. What is brand certification?

Authentication in the brand environment is a clear process of adding visual external information to the brand attributes, which strengthen the interests expressed or implied in the brand value proposition.

7. What is the power of attorney?

The Power of Attorney is a letter/document to the recipient (herein referred to as Amazon seller) as a proof that it can sell branded products in Amazon on behalf of the brand party.

8. What can Amazon FBA not sell?

Amazon does not allow sellers to sell goods through FBA logistics, including but not limited to alcoholic beverages, Kongming lamps, river lanterns, car tires, gift cards or shopping vouchers, loosely packed batteries, damaged or defective products, or products produced and reproduced in violation of laws and regulations.

9. What is OEM authorization?

OEM refers to the original equipment manufacturer. When the seller receives the OEM authorization certificate, it means that the seller's shop is accepted as the dealer authorized by the manufacturer.

10. Without Amazon brand registration, can I sell things on Amazon?

Amazon must approve the seller's brand before it can use this brand to publish product listing. From this perspective, the seller's brand mustComplete Amazon brand filing(Amazon Brand Registry), however, if the brand does not meet the filing requirements, you can contact the Amazon Seller Support Team to obtain exemption.

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