Risk of flammability, Watco children's bathrobes recalled!


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

Children's products of once again were recalled……


Recently, the Health Ministry of Canada announced the recall of a children's bathrobe because of the flammable risk of the bathrobe.This recall involvesWatco Brand Children's CottonHoodedPool robeHealth CanadaIt has passed the sampling evaluation,Determine that these products do not comply with children's pajamas regulationsinFlammability requirements for children's pajamas.


Between April 2020 and November 2021, about 803 pieces of this pajama were sold in Canada. So far, the company has not received any accident or injury reports about the pajamas in Canada.


Health Canada said that thisLoose children's pajamas are easier to touch than tight onesSuch as stove, candle and matchetc.Fire source,theyoncecoverlightJustIt will burn rapidly and may cause severe burns on a large area of the child's body.


Therefore, consumers who have purchased this product should immediately stop using the recalled children's bathrobes and bring the bathrobes to Decathlon stores to receive a full refund. At the same time, the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act expressly prohibits the redistribution, sale and even transfer of recalled products to others in Canada.


In order for children to wear real safe pajamas when they go to bed,The Canadian Ministry of Health has also set clear standards for children's pajamas.Health Canada stated that,Made of polyester, nylon or polyester/Loose pajamas made of nylon blend are more flammable. Skinny pajamas or polo pajamas can be made of cotton or a cotton blend.


To ensure the safety of children, any belt, tie or belt on the gown and nightwear must be firmly sewn on the back center of these products. In addition, the manufacturer also needs to check for loose buttons or other small parts that may cause choking hazards for children.


As a vulnerable group, the safety of children's products cannot be ignored. When producing children's products, the seller must strictly control the quality of the products to ensure the personal and property safety of consumers. After all, once the product is recalled due to quality problems, the negative impact on the seller's business activities is also very large.

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