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What is the e-commerce platform Amazon review, and how many types

As a consumer, when shopping online, whether it is Tmall JD or the cross-border e-commerce Amazon platform, I believe that the most important thing for everyone is the evaluation. According to the evaluation of the review, Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that 73% of people will decide whether to buy products,Amazon reviewThe higher the rating, the greater the opportunity for users to choose and the greater the probability of purchase.

When we buy things online, we can only judge whether they are good or bad by words, pictures, videos and comments because we can't see the real objects. Generally, we like to shop around and generally choose things according to comments. If there are many positive comments, we should consider them. If there is a negative comment, we should go directly to the relevant page. The same is true for shopping on Amazon. Foreigners also value Amazon review.

Amazon reviews are classified into different levels. From one star to five stars, the higher the authenticity of the evaluation, the higher the star level, the greater the weight given by Amazon, and the more forward the listing page will show, the more exposure and click through rate will be.

What is Amazon review

In a nutshell, it is the evaluation of the product by the buyer. There are no restrictions on the review. As long as you register users with Amazon, you can evaluate the product listing or the listing that users are interested in.

There are grades for review scores. The evaluation can be pure text, pictures plus text, and videos. Of course, the combination of images and text will be more impressive than simple text. High quality review can dispel users' concerns and improve product sales.

There are several types of Amazon reviews

Direct evaluation, which is the lowest weight, is commonly referred to as a star rating. As long as users are Amazon registered users, they can evaluate products whether they have bought something or not. There are also many negative comments, many of which may be caused by competitors.

There is also the general comment, which is our common comment on Amazon. There are usually pure text, pictures, pictures and videos. Some are the seller's own number comments that have been kept for a long time, and some are obtained by ordinary swiping. The authenticity of the reverse is still to be verified, and the weight is not too high.

In addition, after the buyer has purchased the product, he or she will leave the most authentic comments, also called VP comments, and the product evaluation will also leave the VP is the Verified Purchase logo. This kind of weight is relatively high, and generally ranks in the front of the comments. It is more persuasive in the comments, which can stimulate users to buy the product.

Another is the king of Amazon review, also known as the rating plan. The seller should send the product to Amazon, and then Amazon randomly selects the evaluator. After using the product, the evaluator must make a truthful evaluation. What's more, Amazon will not delete it, which is also the highest rating in the review. Usually, Amazon will give a small green label.

High quality Amazon reviews can improve product search volume and click through rate, better improve product conversion rate, and directly drive sales growth, which is also the reason why many people take pains to improve reviews.

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