be careful! Notice on Illegal Management of Product Information Released on Dunhuang. com


Author:Li Kai
Source: ennews

Yesterday, Dunhuang released a new announcement that it would deal with illegal product information.


Dunhuang said that recently, some sellers have violated the rules in the stage of releasing product information. Such violations are not only detrimental to the transaction of products, but also seriously affect the buyer's shopping experience, making the buyer unable to clearly understand the true information of products. The platform will continue to carry out special patrols for violations of product picture information, misplacement of categories, violation of product prices, use of suggestive information to refer to brand names and other violations, and sellers are requested to strictly abide by the platform rules.


Subsequently, Dunhuang published specific requirements for publishing product information.


1. Product picture release requirements:


(1)The product image format must bejpeg and png formats. It is strictly prohibited to use photos in other formats


(2)It is not allowed to use technology or other means to block or mosaic the product pictures (please refer to the Interpretation of Rules for the Release of Adult Products for the release requirements)


(3) No illegal content unrelated to the product shall be added to the picture


2. Definition of misplaced categories


Misplacement of categories means that when a seller releases a product, the actual category of the product does not match the category selected for release. Dunhuang stressed that products should be released under the smallest category with high relevance and suitability, and products with matching categories cannot be selectedOther.


3. Use suggestive information to refer to brand names


It is prohibited to use brand words and highly suggestive information that are inconsistent with the actual brand of the product in the product information, such as the use of brand deformation words, acronyms, commonly used pronouns of consumers to imply the product brand, or use various ways to imply that the actual product has information about the relevant brand.


4. Product price violations


(1)Price discrepancy (super high/Ultra low price): The product price set by the seller is seriously higher or lower than the normal market sales.


(2) Freight cheating: the freight set by the seller is lower than the actual freight charged, or the seller intentionally lowers the commodity price or raises the freight to attract the buyer's attention.


(3)SKU cheating: refers to the behavior that the seller deliberately circumvents the SKU setting rules for commodities, abuses the commodity attributes (such as packages, accessories, etc.) to set too low or greatly deviates from the actual price, and makes the commodities rank higher.


Dunhuang said that if the seller's product information is released in violation of the regulations, he will be punished with a yellow card and removed from the shelves. Products involving infringement of intellectual property rights will be handled in accordance with the prohibition and restriction of intellectual property rights.

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