The difference between Amazon gold shopping cart and ordinary shopping cart is how to obtain Buy Box


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The difference between the b2b Amazon gold shopping cart and the ordinary shopping cart is how to obtain the Buy Box

For Amazon sellersBuy BoxIt is the ultimate dream of every seller to seize the sales volume of products and occupy the Amazon Gold Shopping Cart for a long time.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,80% of the users buy things through Amazon's gold shopping cart, and their satisfaction is very high. There is basically no after-sales service, so the bad comments are even less.

Amazon Gold Shopping CartIt is a guarantee of sales volume, and it is also very helpful to improve the ranking of listing. It can increase more exposure and click through rate, and lay a good foundation for later conversion rate and order rate. What is the difference between Amazon gold shopping cart and ordinary shopping cart.

Difference between Amazon gold shopping cart and ordinary shopping cart

1、Different locations

The gold shopping cart is on the top right of the listing, and buyers can directly join the shopping cart for shopping, which is quite conspicuous;

The ordinary shopping cart is located at the bottom of the Buy Box. The font is not only small, but also inconspicuous. It is not easy to find.

2、Different recommendations

The range of gold shopping cart recommendation is relatively wide. The same product will recommend many different sellers until the seller selects the right product and adds it to the shopping cart, which is very convenient;

Ordinary shopping carts can only be found individually and are not easy to compare with other sellers.

3、Different sales

On the premise that the product is good enough, if there is a gold shopping cart, the sales volume will be easier to reach a higher level;

The sales volume of ordinary shopping carts is average.

How to get Amazon Gold Shopping Cart

The seller must be an enterprise seller, and the products sold must be brand new products, not second-hand products or old products;

The product inventory must be sufficient. If the product inventory is insufficient, it will be seizedBuy Box, will also be lost due to out of stock;

All products are provided by AmazonFBA distribution;

The seller replies to the email quickly, and basically responds to the buyer's information in a timely manner within 24 hours;

The higher the evaluation level of the product, for example, the evaluation is basically above 4 starsBuy BoxThe more qualified he is;

The seller is a featured seller. In 2-6 months of sales, the order missing rate is less than 1%. If the defect rate is too high, the account may be suspended and the store cannot operate;

The delivery time is guaranteed to be within 1 to 3 working days, which can increase the probability of rush purchase and reduce the negative comments;

If the product is the same, the seller with more orders will be more likely to seize it.

The qualification of preempting Amazon Gold Shopping Cart is relatively strict. There are many requirements, which are recommended according to various ratings. The higher the rating, the greater the probability of preemption. Most of them are high-quality sellers, who can buy directly or join the shopping cart directly. Users only need to submit an order for payment.

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