How does Amazon's advertising positioning work and its impact on costs


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How does Amazon's advertising positioning of cross-border information affect the cost

Amazon advertising costsDifferent, depending on the seller's marketing objectivesAmazon AdvertisingFactors such as type and location, target strategy, bid and budget. Select RightAmazon Advertising Positioning, which can save some costs.

Buyer useAmazon keywordOr product targeting to determine where their advertising appears. The positioning target selected by the seller will affect the placement position of the advertisement and the place where shoppers see (and click) the advertisement.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,According to the seller'sAmazon AdvertisingThe advertising cost will change for the keywords or products that you want to target (position) in the strategy.

IKeyword Targeting

Keyword positioning allowedAmazonThe seller selects keywords related to their product to determine which search query the product may appear in.  

1. Take a very basic example. If a seller is selling a mobile phone case, selecting the keyword "phone case mobile phone case" means that when a customer searches for a product with the search term "phone case mobile phone case", the advertisement will appear on the search results and details page.

2. Now there are other factors to consider, such askeyword match type(Keyword matching type), which will affect how Amazon matches the keyword selected by the seller with the customer's search query, but this is basically the way Keyword Targeting works.

3. A successful keyword positioning campaign will help drive the growth of browsing, ad clicks and sales. If sellers do not use relevant and profitable keywords, they may get fewer clicks and conversion rates. On the other hand, if the seller's keywords have nothing to do with what the shopper is looking for,It is likely to waste advertising funds, without conversion.

4. Positioning target options depend on the type of Amazon advertising activities. Keyword positioning can be used for Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Product Ads.  

IIProduct Targeting

1. Product positioning enables Amazon sellers to attract users who are searching for similar products or categories.

2. This positioning option allows sellers to position products or categories separately in the same advertising campaign, or to position a combination of multiple brands or categories. Amazon sellers can choose categories, brands and ASINs related to advertising.

3. Product positioning can be used for sponsorship brand, sponsorship product and Sponsored Display advertising activities.

3、 Automatic and manual positioning

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,When configuring Amazon advertising campaigns, sellers will face another choice: Automatic versus Manual Targeting. What is the best strategy to achieve the seller's expected results, and what is the difference between manual and automatic?

oneAutomatic positioning, which means that Amazon will automatically select the location where the advertisement appears. Many Amazon sellers use this positioning strategy to research related, high conversion keywords and ASINs.

2. Once Amazon sellers collect these information, they will convert efficient keywords and ASINs intoManual positioningAdvertising campaigns to better control their advertising results. This is because manual positioning allows Amazon sellers to better control their goals, bids and advertising spending.

Because Amazon provides a wide range of advertising solutions and choices to help marketers improve product visibility and increase sales, there are many different variables that will affect Amazon's advertising costs.

These costs are not static. They depend on factors such as marketing objectives, selected advertising types, objectives, quotations and budgets.AmazonThe seller's budget should change with the development of the enterprise to match the marketing objectives.

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