What should I pay attention to in Amazon brush evaluation


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

What should we pay attention to in the evaluation of the cross-border e-commerce platform Amazon Brush

I believe Amazon sellers knowThe proportion of review in the store can give listing pages a large click through rate and conversion rate, which is very helpful to improve the sales of products. This is also the reason why many sellers try every way to improve review. Some people do not follow Amazon's rules and conduct Amazon's price brushing behavior.

Amazon has a variety of evaluation methods. Some sellers have their own number to pay bills, and some directly use tool brushes to evaluate. Anyway, there are various forms.

What should I pay attention to in Amazon brush evaluation

If Amazon sellers really want to swipe the order, they must first comply with Amazon's rules. For example, when evaluating, they cannot directly search for products, but they must search through keywords and browse product pages. Because this is more real, Amazon will not judge it as a swiping evaluation behavior;

When evaluating, don't just click in and leave after evaluation. Click on the open page and stay for a while. It should conform to the normal purchase process and normal shopping and search habits of users;

Try to choose those delivered by Amazon FBA, because Amazon has traffic preference for sellers, which will have more exposure and help improve product sales;

Sellers try to avoid using virtual VPNs, that is, they use local IP, buy virtual VPNs, and then disguise themselves as local IP in the United States, or they use their registered buyer's small account to evaluate their stores for Amazon. They can find local friends in the United States, or spend money to find local people, such as foreign students, and use the local IP in the United States to make real comments, because the local IP is more authentic;

If the seller is a new product on the market, pay attention not to use too many reviews from Amazon, otherwise it will be very fake and suspected of fraud by Amazon;

Try to combine pictures with words when you brush the evaluation, or it is better to have videos. Don't always say a few simple words, and don't score all the stars at the star level, which will be very false;

Try to avoid using discounts, promotions, gifts and other ways to gain praise, which is also prohibited by Amazon;

There is also great competition among peers, but try not to give malicious comments to peers;

In addition, according to the evaluators' shopping habits, for example, if the evaluators often buy daily necessities, they should only evaluate daily necessities as far as possible, and Amazon is likely to identify other products as fake;

Also, the most important thing is not to evaluate immediately after harvest. Generally, the normal shopping process is to evaluate after using a few days after harvest, which conforms to the shopping habits of normal people.

There are no rules, and everything has its own rules. Amazon is no exception. It is a severe blow to Amazon's swiping evaluation behavior, especially some illegal swiping behavior.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that according to Amazon algorithm, there are some specific tools that can be identified. Sellers must not have a fluke mentality, or they will die miserably. Although there is a certain chance of success in the appeal, it is not always possible to succeed. Therefore, sellers must avoid this Amazon brush evaluation behavior, and reasonably improve the evaluation through formal channels.

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