What should I do if Amazon seller's account is suspended? Are there any precautions?


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What should I do if the outbound Amazon seller's account is suspended? Are there any precautions?

If the Amazon seller's account is suspended, the first thing is to findWhy Amazon closed its accountNever write a letter of complaint in a panic before thorough investigation and elimination.

Blueocean Yiguan has learned that Amazon will explain the reason when it notifies the seller that its account has been suspended, but the seller still needs to investigate the situation by himself to confirm whether the reason for Amazon's account closure is valid.

The second step is to write a letter of appeal/email of appeal, clearly stating how to solve the problem.

The letter of appeal should include these parts:

1. Introduction: seller information, what products to sell, enterprise name, and why the seller's account is suspended

2. Description: A more detailed description and explanation of the seal event and the basis of the problem

3. Action plan: describe the measures taken by the seller to solve the problem, as well as the long-term operation adjustment, to ensure that the same problem will not occur again

4. Conclusion: reiterate that the seller strictly abides by the Amazon platform policy and applies for account restoration

In short, the letter of appeal needs to attract the attention of Amazon team as much as possible, so that there is a greater chance to get back the account.

How to prevent the seller's account from being suspended?

No seller is willing to return to zero overnight because of the suspension of sales of the hard created Amazon account.

Therefore, in order to avoid account suspension, the following aspects should be done well.

1. Provide the best customer service

Try to keep the order defect rate below 1%, the delayed delivery rate below 4%, and the order cancellation rate before delivery below 2.5%.

These are Amazon's basic requirements and regulations for sellers, which can avoidSeller PerformanceIn addition, it can also improve the seller's ranking.

2. Selling authentic products

Do not copy or imitate the products of other sellers. Amazon does not allow sellers to sell fake products. Once found, they may be blocked immediately.

3. Read Amazon's Terms of Sale

If you are not familiar with the policies of the Amazon platform, the seller will make mistakes and violate the rules if you are not careful. Therefore, before Amazon sells, it is recommended to read through the Amazon seller's terms and regulations to prevent the account from being suspended due to violations.

4. Timely reply to quality related notices

Sometimes, Amazon will send a notice to tell the seller what to do and what action to take. Some sellers ignore these notices directly, and the final result is to be blocked and suspended.

In a word, once you receive Amazon's notice, especially those related to too many returns, buyer complaints, intellectual property complaints, and listing details, you should pay special attention and follow Amazon's requirements.

Can Amazon sellers close their own accounts?

Yes, if you don't want to continue selling in Amazon, you can choose to close your account, which is easy to operate.

First, log in to the Seller Central and click the "Settings" button at the top right corner of the page.

Then, click "Account Info", select "Close Account" and "Request To Have Your Account Closed".

Blueocean Yiguan has learned that Amazon will review the application within 12-48 hours, and will send a confirmation email to the seller once the seller's account is closed.

In addition, if Amazon is unable to close the seller's account for some reason, Amazon will send an email to tell the seller details and guide the seller how to operate, so as to successfully close the account.

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