Russian New Year Gift Preferences


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

Near the New Year, the local investigation organizationAvitoA survey was conducted on Russian shopping intentions, such as gift preferences and budget.


The survey results show that for gift giving, most survey participants(57%) prefer to choose their own New Year gifts and create surprises. About 23% of respondents will directly ask friends and relatives about the list of gifts they want to receive in the New Year, and 19% of respondents said they are ready to grasp their friends' preferences.


In the way of purchasing gifts,Most respondents(36%) No preference when buying gifts, it is planned to combine online and offline, in which33%meetingChoose traditional offline stores or shopping malls.In terms of budget, most respondents(51%) said they would not spend more than 5000 rubles, 23% wanted to buy gifts of 5000 to 10000 rubles, and 15% of the survey participants were prepared to spend more than 10000 rubles.


The preference for gifts varies according to gender. Women most want to receive gift certificates(36%), clothing or shoes (26%) and accessories (26%), as well as travel (24%), candy (24%), gadgets (23%), underwear (21%), books (16%) and art kits (15%).


For men, the most desirable gift is a variety of tool products(33%), drinks (19%), clothes or shoes (18%), accessories (18%), game consoles (17%), sporting goods (16%) and travel (14%).


In addition,Children aged 4-12 are an important group to receive gifts. In terms of their choice of gifts, 45% and 30% of the respondents will prepare puzzle games and plush toys for children under 3 years old. For children aged 4 to 7, educational games were also the most popular (36 per cent), followed by creative suits (26 per cent) and architectural suits (24 per cent).


ForChildren aged 8 to 12 tend to use creative kits (24%), headphones (18%) and educational games (18%). For adolescents aged 13 to adulthood, earphones (26%), smartphones (21%) and USB speakers (15%) are more popular.


Others such asCars, painting supplies, tablets, books and sports equipmentAnd very popular.

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