Halting, jumping from port, tight space! Continued congestion at ports in Europe and America


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In recent years, the rapid development of the cross-border e-commerce industry has driven the development of the logistics industry. Among them, Maersk, as the world's largest shipping company, has set a historic high in annual profits.


Multiple ports are still congested, with suspended flights and port hopping attacks


Maersk stated that,This year'sIn December or January next year, $80 million will be allocated to distribute bonuses to 80000 employees worldwide, with a standard payout of approximately $1000 per person.How much profit does Maersk have this time with such a big budget?


According to analyst predictions,Maersk's net profit this year will reachAbout $16.2 billion, which is more than five times the average valuation at the beginning of the year.


Shipping fees have been rising again and again, and delays and congestion have become the norm. This year, shipping companies have indeed charged a lot of fees and made a profit as a result.


In the eyes of many industry insiders, it is not only the shipping companies that have made money this year, but also the freight forwarders who have been allocatedThe term 'meat' has even been circulating in cross-border circles this year, with the saying 'freight forwarders earn a flat by lying down'. Regarding this, a freight forwarder stated that,Compared to the same period last year, I have indeed earned more, and if the commission does not double, it would really be running with me.


Overall, the logistics industry is indeed popular this year. At present, freight rates are constantly rising, and port congestion continues. Cross border sellers with shipping plans should still conduct multiple comparisons when choosing shipping channels to avoid delays and other situations as much as possible.

Cross border e-commerce shuts down, jumps ports, and tight shipping space! Continued congestion at ports in Europe and America

According to Alphaliner's survey data, due to severe port congestion, in the past five months,Three major alliances in AsiaAbout a quarter of the scheduled ports on the Nordic Ring Road have cancelled docking, with 383 cancelled flights, resulting in a chaotic supply chain for shippers.


Alphaliner stated that the reason for choosing to skip port is related to three reasons:Cancel the next port call in case of further delay; Temporary cancellation of several weeks of affiliation; Canceled to catch up with the shipping schedule/Extend the voyage accordingly.


But from a recent public opinion survey, it can be seen that in order to alleviate the problem of supply chain interruption, most people agree to try to stop at the designated port as much as possible.In the pastOver the past 5 months, Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Hamburg saw a 25% reduction in connections, while London saw a 27% reduction in connections.


But in fact,Recently, the loading rate of the Shanghai to Europe and America route is still close to full load, and the freight rate is showing a continuous upward trend.It is not difficult to see from the constantly rising freight rates that the demand for centralized transportation is still high. It is reported that,Due to the delayed return of major carriers on the US Canada route, the shortage of space has increased, leading to a sharp increase in freight rates. The US West is still in theMore than 10000 yuan.In addition, there is also a shortage of space on Canadian routes, leading to an increase in freight rates.


Currently, port congestion in many countries, including Vancouver, remains high. As ofAt the end of November, there were a total of 51 ships waiting in line at Vancouver Port for unloading. Multiple ports frequently suspend flights and skip ports. Sellers with recent shipping plans should always pay attention to freight rates and logistics conditions, and take risk prevention measures in advance.


Export container arrival12 million, a surge in imported goods from the United States


As of this yearIn October, the United States exported approximately 12.1 million containers, while over 59% of the containers exported from the nine largest ports in the United States were empty.


JustMarketWatchBased on the data, in the past year,The number of empty containers exported from US ports has increased by more than the previous year46%, an increase of 38% compared to before the epidemic.At the same time, due to the increasing demand from American consumers, the import of goods from the United States is also surging.


Industry insiders have stated that differences between imports and exports may increase the number of foreign goods imported into the country, while reducing the number of imports from the United States, which can easily lead to trade imbalances.


The US trade deficit isThe historic high set in September is the best example,The trade deficit at that timeHas exceeded$81 billion, but in October, the trade deficit decreased to $67.1 billion due to increased exports of oil and food.


Affected by demand, consumers are importing a large amount of goods, but port congestion has not been resolved and is also affecting exports”,Some industry insiders say that it is affecting the trade balance and also causing a certain degree of impact on American manufacturingImpact.


Relevant data display,In the past year,Containers shipped from Amazon to the United States(40 feet) cost skyrocketed to over $20000. Some shipping companies have also stated that the cost of container transportation from Shanghai to Los Angeles is other ways7x.


Cross border sea stoppage, port hopping, tight space! Continued congestion at ports in Europe and America


Meanwhile,The largest container port in the United States has been submerged by empty containers. There are reports from foreign media thatEmpty containers at Southern California ports can be seen 80 miles away, blocking local communities, warehouses, and shipyards. In addition, the congestion situation of container ships waiting to enter the port cannot be underestimated.


Breaking the record!96 container ships are waiting to dock at Southern California ports


With more than two weeks left until Christmas, many American Christmas gifts may still be at sea.  


according toOn December 3rd, data showed that 40 container ships were waiting for berths within a range of 40 miles from the port in Southern California. At first glance, it may seem that the previous congestion situation has been alleviated, but the reality is not the case. There are 56 container ships waiting further at seaAccording to statistics, the waiting container ships have already reached a record highA record high of 96 ships.


In addition, based on current data, there are still31 containers are waiting for berths at the Southern California port, along with previous container ships,The number of container ships waiting for unloading has approached127 ships.


Moreover, the waiting time for ships has also been extended. As of last Friday,The average waiting time for ships in Los Angeles Port has reached20.8 days,contrastAccording to November data, the waiting time for ships has been extended by nearly a week.


From this perspective, measures such as charging container demurrage fees that the Biden administration in the United States previously intended to regulate maritime transportation are facing setbacks and have not been effective, and the congestion of container ships has not been alleviated.


Although the current situation of the shipping market is still stable, the next 12-18 months may not be very good, "said an industry insider. Especially, the carrying capacity of European and American routes is close to the full load level, and the freight rates have been at a high level, and there are even signs of rising.


According to relevant data, the latest comprehensive world container index has risen2.3% to $9262.02 per 40 foot container, which is 170% higher than a year ago. Under the influence of multiple factors such as rising logistics costs and extended ship arrival time, sellers' shipping speed and cost are likely to be affected. Sellers with shipping needs need to arrange shipments in advance to avoid affecting delivery time.


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